On the theme of connection, today’s photos come from the Ottawa Locks.

It’s a set of 8 “steps” which connects the Rideau river to the Ottawa River. There is a 30 foot drop from one to the next, so the locks are necessary for anyone trying to travel through. I’ve been to Ottawa on so many different occasions visiting Le Brother, and have had the pleasure of watching the locks operate in the summer.

Last summer I took a ghost walk with Le Brother (yeah I force him to be a tourist) and the last stop was at the top of this bridge, at sunset. It was one of the most beautiful scenes of the entire walk. Also, that building at the very bottom of the locks on the left is suppose to be haunted 🙂

The locks work by filling up (or draining) water into the different sections and the boat passes along with each step. It takes a crazy long time to get through. If you want to learn more about them, check out the official website here.

4 thoughts on “Connection

    • No unfortunately the tour ended on the lawn right under the bridge, and it was around 8pm. The building was a museum and closed earlier that day. But we heard some great stories about what happens in there!


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