Bliss and Solitude

Finally working through all my emails that I’ve missed over the weekend. Apparently it was a very busy weekend for all you lovely folks! It also means that I’ve missed a few photo 101 days, so I’m going to do both in one post! 

Day 4: Bliss. The topic for bliss came on the same day as that email from my mom. Needless to say, I was feeling anything but bliss. But I have been reflecting on it all weekend. Or trying to at least! I honestly have had a hard time thinking of things that make me blissful. Bliss for me right now is my job and my blog. Going into work on Thursday sucked but I had to do it. My schedule got changed and it all seemed way too much at the time, but then Monkey E basically strangled me. Now that doesn’t sound like fun, but she’s started attacking me with hugs every time she sees me now. It is so sweet! Having an impact like that on a student makes me happy. Although now she seems to not want to release her hug….so she gets a count down “and we’re letting go in 5 4 3 2 1 *extra tight squeeze* 0!” She’s adorable.

But really, bliss right now is all about my artistic output.


Bliss: camera and computer

Day 5: Solitude. Solitude was a little easier for me than bliss. I love solitude. I need it for my mind to relax and recuperate. Which is why I took a little break from blogging this weekend. I think the picture above demonstrates solitude as well – it’s a picture on my bed, with a blanket and if you peak around my green camera case to see the black and white blob there in the corner are my pj’s (I know, I know, flannel is scandalous). Solitude for me is necessary, and it usually involves all of those things: pjs and staying in bed watching movies or reading, or grabbing my camera, sticking in my headphones and heading out to be alone with my thoughts.

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