Water and Orientation

Water is something that I am drawn to when taking photographs. I’m more of a nature/architecture photographer when I have my beautiful Nikon 3000 out and about with me. Since I know I won’t be able to take any new photos today of water (unless you want a picture of my facet running) I’ve decided to share a few of my all time favourite photos with you. 

All of these photos were taken with my Nikon 3000, unless noted. I love having reflection off the water in my photos. And most of my favourite places ever are around water.

These two pictures are from my very first digital camera. It was pink, and a simple point and shoot. Both from the summer of 2007, from a train travelling from Vancouver to Edmonton, through the Rocky Mountains. I’m about 95% sure that both have been tweaked, I know the bridge has. On this trip, I found my love of photography, spurred on by my dad’s encouragement.

This photograph is from Dec 25th, 2015. It’s from my favourite palace in Seoul. It’s my favourite mostly because of all the water features. There are several different water features within all the palaces though. This is also the only vertical one out of the bunch.


This photograph is from a small lake in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. Near Tobermory. It’s called Miller Lake. My former church owns this property and I’ve spent many summers up there enjoying this slice of heaven. This photograph was taken by my first camera as well. I think from July 2008? Maybe. Sunrise on the lake is a magical time.

good morning

Scotland again! Seriously, I’m pretty sure at least 75% of my heart is still there! The next 3 photographs are from Scotland. All from late August 2012. This photograph was from a ferry ride we were taking from the Isle of Skye.


Earlier that day, as we were leaving the main land for the ferry, we were able to stop off at Eilean Donon Castle for a few photographs. At like 8am, it was pretty much a “you guys have 15 minutes GO” type of stop.

662-Eilean Donan castle

Lastly, Loch Lomond. Yes the one from the song. I didn’t know the song until I took this trip, but after it I don’t think I can ever not know it. The people on the tour sang it all the time. At dinners, on the bus, at the loch. It’s permanently seared into my brain, along with the love I have for the country.


While going through my photographs, I had to really restrain myself! I wanted to post all of them! I love the quality of photographs that come out of my DSLR camera. I did notice that I have a tendency to shoot horizontally. I think it’s because it’s the easiest for me, being a beginner photographer. I’ve had my Nikon for about 5 years now, but still don’t know all the features on it. My dad was a freelance photographer in his youth and we’ve bonded a little over the camera but not so much for me to learn all the ins and outs of it. When I get the chance to take it out with me, it feels like an extension of my arm almost. Like it’s meant to be surgically attached to my wrist. I think that’s what makes me love the outcome of the photographs so much.

Now if you’ll excuse me – I think I’m going to go loose myself in old photo albums created on my computer.

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