Childhood revisited

Do you ever have those days where memories from the past just pop into your brain for no reason? Kind of like the dream I wrote about yesterday, where the people in it were completely unexpected, lately I’ve been having just strange little thoughts pop into my head. Current thoughts have been around this random group of ……people?…..

Now for those of you who don’t know, that would be Veggie Tales. Growing up in a Christian household, Veggie Tales were the IT thing for all church events. As a child I loved watching them, and as a Sunday School teacher, I loved using them for my lessons.

The tomato is Bob, and the cucumber is Larry. They are the two main characters out of the show. It started as 30 minute long videos, each with its own bible lesson or moral lesson woven into it. But there are random little bits as well – like Silly Songs with Larry for instance. He sings about silly things, like his hair brush (he’s out of the shower and needs his hairbrush! but he has NO HAIR!), or cheeseburgers (he loves cheeseburgers but the drive thru is closed), and also his lips (he’s talking to his therapist that he’s scared of his lips leaving him).

The movies have expanded now to full length, but that was after I stopped watching them. They are seriously so cute though! After a while on youtube this morning I think I’ve had my fill of Veggie Tales for about the next 10 years though haha.

Did you ever watch Veggie Tales? Which one was your favourite? Like I said, I’m always a fan of the old school ones, Madame Blueberry brings about some great memories of belting out songs with friends.

Oh the memories of childhood!


10 thoughts on “Childhood revisited

  1. My kids love Veggie Tales. My favorite is the one about Esther. I never watched them as a kid myself (I’m too old), but I’ve watched many with my kids. It’s fun to see how they developed over time. The Esther movie has animation that shows off light in a way that the earlier ones do not. It is a great story, but the different use of light in the animation was the first thing I noticed about it.

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