Taking it to the Streets

Today’s photo comes from a major intersection near my house in Jakjeon. Returning from a failed attempt to get a new manicure, I decided to hit up my favourite Korean bakery (the PB in the top right hand corner) before heading home.


As you can see across the street is a dunkin donuts, directly across from it on the other corner is a baskin robins. If I had taken maybe 2 steps to the right, I might have been able to take a better shot straight down the side walk across the street there and you would have been able to see the sign for burger king, which is right beside a starbucks.

Korean culture has very much become Americanized. Which is a byproduct of American troops coming over during the Korean War – some staying afterwards with the families they had created during the war. Even now, there is a large American military presence in South Korea. Not so much in Jakjeon, but when I lived in Osan, I saw American military men on the streets almost every day. Thanks in part to the Osan Airbase which is American run.



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