Dust and Dreams

It’s been an interesting 24 hours since my last post. 

First, let’s talk about dust. Yellow Dust is a real thing here in S. Korea. Basically what happens is that sand from China/Mongolia gets blown down into Korea and the air quality gets really bad. Due to deforestation and the like, it’s gotten much worse over the years and it’s a real concern now.

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When I was living in Osan 5 years ago, I didn’t really think much of it. Just when the weather is getting nice (March-May), I would want to open the classroom windows but the students wouldn’t let me because of “dirty air”. It was because of this dust.

image provided via google search

As you would expect, breathing in sand/dust can be harmful for your lungs. I just started following an alert on twitter about the air quality due to the dust, and today it says that it’s poor. A co-worker said I should go to the pharmacy and get a special mask for the dust. Korean always walk around wearing masks, mostly if they are sick (or don’t want to get sick). There is a special mask just for the dust air. She said it’s really serious and that I should buy one and some people have actually died from it. But I feel claustrophobic even just wearing a medical mask at the doctor’s office for 10 minutes when I’m sick! I can’t even imagine wearing a mask the entire time I’m outside! And according to this website, which is full of useful information on the yellow dust, the masks are a one use only mask.

storm desert dust sweeps

provided via giphy.com (99% probably not Korea)


Onto dreams! So it’s time once again for a “let’s analyse T’s dreams” segment. Don’t you just hate real feeling dreams? I had one last night. While I’m in the dream, I loved it! But when I wake up, it left me feeling kind of empty.

I’m just going to break it down for ya. Sure, it might be a little embarrassing, but ya’ll are rocking rad peeps right? No judgement guys.

Ok, so I tend to have a lot of dreams, but this was my last dream, which maybe makes it worse because it’s fresh in my mind when I wake up.

In my dream, I was dating this person. I’ve never met him before IRL, but I know who he is (in all honesty, he’s a celebrity but I haven’t seen anything he’s done in weeks!). Anyways, we were on vacation in some beautiful European country, with his brother and my brother – since IRL we’re all around the same age. We’re having like the best vacation ever, biking through these great little villages and on beaches and stuff. Then the guy I’m suppose to be dream dating pulls over and says “I can’t lie any more, I think Cece might be pregnant” First of all – WHO IS CECE brain?! Really?!  Obviously dream me gets all angry and rides off on her bike. We kinda work things out but then I get woken up by noisy neighbour – because 8am is the perfect time to start hammering whatever he is hammering over there.

So not only am I a little angry that NN has woken me up, but since my dream felt so real, today I feel like empty. Empty and hurt – for no reason! Just because my dream boyfriend thinks he got another girl pregnant. Is it weird that I’m longing to talk to this person I’ve never even met IRL? This happens from time to time. Sometimes if I’m super stressed out in life, I’ll dream that I’m smoking and then wake up craving a cigarette, a craving which sometimes lasts like a whole freaking week!

Alright ya’ll – go ahead and Dr. Freud me. Lay it all out there. Hopefully tonight I’ll have a better dream…with unicorns and candy cities 🙂

rickandmorty  happy rainbow flying lsd

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3 thoughts on “Dust and Dreams

  1. We get that dust too here in Kyushu Japan-I hate it. I have asthma. Not only that but we live in an old Japanese house- it’s not sealed very well. No matter what I do that dust gets into the house and it drives me nuts. I have to dust twice a day! Japan is also the land of masks- I hate them and never wear them though. My mother in law scolds me.

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