(mini) Mani Dilemma

Most of ya’ll know that last weekend I went and got my first Korean mani. It was amazing!!! I don’t think I can ever go back to a normal Canadian one now.Β 

These mani’s are gel. The polish is set with a light box like this:

It’s kind of amazing, since the polish is dry in no time at all! When walking away from the salon, there is no risk of damaging the lovely nails that ya paid for. They are even said to last for TWO WEEKS!!

Mine are doing well so far. I lost one nail on Monday (day 2). My nails are very fragile, so they rip and peel VERY easily. My index finger nail splintered off, and not realizing that the polish doesn’t flake like normal polish, I peeled off all the polish in one go while trying to take care of the ripped nail. No biggie, I filled it down and carried on.

Now it’s day nine and a few more things have happened. Last night I lost the other index finger. I had half saved it from the same fate earlier in the week, it started to lift so I took my clippers and snipped off the part lifting – hoping that the rest of the polish stayed where it was for the rest of the week. However a strand of my hair slipped down the lip of polish and in me trying to remove it, I lifted the polish almost clear off. So it had to come off as well. I tried to save the length of the finger nail, which was mostly still there. The first index finger, the rip happened so close to the nail bed that it wasn’t possible to save the length of the nail.

So here I am on day 9: thinking to myselfΒ can I really make it to day 14? I still have eight mostly polished nails left. A few have minor chips in them. I did noticed one was starting to lift along one side this morning. It is possible to go down before work, yet it might be tight time wise. The one girl said she starts at 11am, so I’d be there at least till 12 or 12:30, depending if she already had a person when I got there. I work at 1:30. It’s only a few stops away on the metro, 10-15 mins tops. It is technically doable. Or after work is a possibility as well.

Part of me wants to wait the complete 14 days to see how the nails look. Already its a victory since my normal polish lasts 2 days at most before it becomes chipped and gross. Maybe I will wait the rest of the week. It will give me something to do on the weekend instead of sitting in my apartment ignoring the world.

Yes! I think that is what I’ll do! Thanks for being there to listen πŸ˜‰


**a BIG thanks to Lori over at Promptly WrittenΒ for this idea! She posted a few days ago suggesting to challenge yourself to write a post without one of the letters of the alphabet! I decided to write about manicures today, so I took out the letter U. I went back and checked a few times and I think I have no “u”s. It took a few rewrites! It really is much more difficult than I imagined!! Especially with a vowel!**


9 thoughts on “(mini) Mani Dilemma

  1. I usually have acrylic tips but take them off about 3 months every year to let my nails breathe. My nails are fragile and I have the same issue. I got Gel tips and mine are lasting so far. Friday will be day 14, but I did break a nail below the nail bed and it hurts like heck. I’ll be back on Saturday for my next appointment.

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    • I’m thinking about getting tips for my birthday. I hate my fragile nails so much! 3 nails ripped today while at work so I’m going to get them fixed tomorrow morning (hopefully). They don’t rip below the nail bed though! that would be so painful! 😦

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  2. I love gel mani’s or as my salon calls them, “shellac” but my nails are so frail that even through the durable gel, my nails break. It still lasts for about 3 weeks tho’, which is such a win! (Cool photo also, I bet being in South Korea is exciting and interesting πŸ™‚

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    • The pink didn’t last very long. Lost the first nail only 2 days after getting them done! haha by day 10 I had 3 nails with no polish, and 2 others were lifting around the edges, and all the rest the nails were still ripping under the polish. Got them redone yesterday, so I’m hoping this time they will last longer πŸ™‚ and living here is pretty awesome πŸ™‚


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