O Canada!

A lot has been happening back home lately that has been keeping my thoughts on Canada. Since it’s clearly at the front of my brain, for today’s 300 Thursday, I thought I’d share with you some interesting facts I found about Canada.

All these pictures were taken from this article, which contains a list of 28 interesting facts. Totally go and check them out! I reached the comment section, and someone actually tried called the phone number and it worked! So if you want to call Canada, maybe to see if you can move there when Drumpf is elected, go ahead!

And here are a few more, just in moving form. All were taken from giphy.com, a pretty rad site if you’re looking for gif’s.

canada prime minister justin trudeau canadian prime minister

Our current cabinet has a perfect split: our PM selected half men, half women. Although he is one extra man, so it’s not technically 50%

Apparently our $50’s smell like maple syrup? I don’t believe it. But at least there’s braille on it!

It’s all cool – we know you want us 😉 

17 thoughts on “O Canada!

  1. So I just got off the phone with Canada. It was really life like, like I was going to talk to a human but then he started going through the times they are available then he said it in French. I guess this is good b/c this gives me time to figure out what I’m going to say when I call tomorrow on my lunch. I never really figured there was a direct line to Canada so it’s pretty f’ing awesome. We need a direct line to the United States. What do I want to know about Canada. Hmmm….ok…. first question: why the fuck did you send us Justin Bieber? Can you please take him back? I will pay you to take him back. In fact, that will be the first thing I ask them. Question 2: Do you want Alaska? Cause it’s cool if you do. You can totally have Alaska. You can see it produces such train wrecks as Sarah Palin and they aren’t really pulling their weight anyway to the states.Question 3, and this really hits my heart: Why didn’t you guys like Target? Seriously, why? Me loves some Target! Out of all of this: Alaska, Justin Bieber and Target, Target hurts the most. Target brought us designers such as Anna Sui, LIberty, Jason Woo and Phillip Lim. It’s affordable and stylish. Gah, your killin’ me!


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