Monkey Eats Bugs

It’s Thursday, so of course there has to be a new story about my monkeys! 

Since it’s the start of a new month, it means that some kids level up or level down. Well, starting today, there will be no more stories about my little monkeys!! Monkey J’s mother decided she needs to go to the hogwan on M/W/F so she had to switch out of the class. Mr. Smarty Pants was moving up a level which would have left Monkey E all by herself in 300 level. Her mother has decided that she needs to be in 400 class (same as Mr. Smarty Pants), which means that the Monkeys have officially been disbanded. But it means that I only have 2 levels to teach on T/Th instead of 3 so extra free time is coming my way!!!! Unless we get more classes, which is very possible.

Today, Monkey E brought a snack to school. Here is a picture of said snack:


Yeah…..realllllllly appetizing isn’t it?! Mr. Smarty Pants says it’s disgusting, Monkey E says its delicious! She was eating it in my class, before our final tests. After final tests, we were watching The Magic School Bus, cos Ms Frizzel is my idol! I asked Monkey E if I could try one (in the dark so she can’t see my face)

I don’t think I’ll be able to eat EVER AGAIN. I can still feel it in my mouth! It’s a butterfly larva/worm or something nasty. It was cold when I put it in my mouth and when you bite down on it, it like popped and juice squirted….EWWWWWW. Omg I can still feel that pop in my mouth!! I immediately swallowed with water and put a hershey’s kiss in my mouth. That was 3 hours ago! I still feel disgusting.

no mrw gross ew yuck

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reactions ew disgusted do not want dakota fanning

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4 thoughts on “Monkey Eats Bugs

  1. Ahhh. Bondegi. I don’t know if I spelled it right, but I still remember that from my Korea days. You are braver than I am. I could never bring myself to try it. I couldn’t get past the smell. When it was being sold on the street I would always find the smell first, then I’d look around–yup. Bondegi. Such a distinctive (and unpleasant) smell.

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