Donald Drumpf

I’ve been kind of open in the past about my lack of knowledge around the election happening in the USA right now. However, my brother encouraged me to watch this clip from John Oliver’s show. It’s a little long (20 minutes), but sooo worth it! 

I’ve been trying to keep out of the election talk. I’m not really invested in it, even though I know I should be. As a Canadian, the outcome of the election has a major impact on my life at home. John Oliver makes some great points on his show about the perils of having Trump as the party candidate. One of the best lines is that it’s time to look past the name.

Now, if like me, you are thoroughly over having Trump running for president, I have another candidate for you:

8 thoughts on “Donald Drumpf

  1. I am in the US and Drumph scares the crap out of me. And those who support him scare me even more. Sorry, but are there really that many morons in my country? Don’t bother answering me…. I know the answer is yes. How the ___ can anyone with a brain support this (expletive expletive expletive)?

    I’m embarrassed to be an American because of Drumph… And God help us if he wins… I have already begun researching what country I will move to.

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  2. O M G don’t get me started! I am fearful for this country if he gets elected. The fact that it is even remotely possible that he will get the nomination makes me think twice about the intelligence of his supporters. I believe you should have a understanding of the history of the country you are trying to run. His latest about having to research the KKK and white supremacists before he can condemn them yet can say ignorant comments about minority groups? He is shades of Hitler… I don’t like this one bit!

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