Island Living

Five Items

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Since the prompt for today says that we are revisiting the age old question, I think I will set up a few guidelines first. The question really doesn’t give me enough information. Do I need to think of survival? How did I get there? Are these luxury items?

For the purpose of my response, I’m going to assume that I have been placed on the island with advanced warning. Kind of like in the movie Father Goose (one of my favourites!) Cary Grant had a modest shack, with a cooking stove and supplies, some weapons (it was WWII) and a bed. He arrived with his own boat so he had his own supplies as well. images below provided via google search.


SO! If, like Cary Grant, I was shipped off to this island by the British navy, (Frank, don’t you dare hide any of these items!) I would have all my essentials. I was asked to provide a list of 5 items that would “improve” my stay. Yes – let’s go with that scenario 😉 So here are my 5 extra items, obviously rewriting the list that Grant had before me.

First of all, I’d need an unlimited supply of whiskey sunscreen. Sunscreen that is at least 60SPF. See below pictures demonstrating me without, and with sunscreen. Maggie Simpson provided via google search.


Second: I’d need an unlimited supply of whiskey vaseline. Vaseline is amazing stuff! First of all, I use it on my lips every day instead of lip chap. It works sooo much better. In addition to keeping my lips from cracking, it’s a great moisturizer, use it on your face, hands, whatever. No added scents or whatever that make me break out. Also, as if those two reasons weren’t enough, it can be used to start fires – while being a camp leader for all those summers you learn a few things! Vaseline, cotton ball, flame POOF fire.


Third on the list: whiskey a laptop. I could be so totally happy just chilling in a chair, outside my little shack, with a laptop to keep me entertained. On my laptop I’d have movies, e-books, games, be able to write, etc.

I don’t know what this picture says….


Fourth: whiskey a camera. There is no way that I will be sitting on an island, with all that nature and water and sunrises and sunsets without a camera. No way, I am not doing it!

Lastly: whiskey an internet connection. Since Grant’s shack was equipped with a radio back in WWII, I’m going to assume that this shack has electricity, and a phone connection to keep in touch with the British Navy. Therefore, I think I can demand an internet connection as well. How else will I be able to write my blog and make you all jealous of me sitting on a beach?!

So with those 5 luxury items, I think I could made a real go of it. I’m not sure why the British Navy would have to put me on some deserted island, but who am I to say no? As long as they agree to my list of demands that is!

Well folks! I guess this is the end of it!! It is finally February 29th here in Incheon, so this shall be the very last Friending February post! I’ve really enjoyed my little challenge of using the daily prompt every day, and meeting all the new people that I have over the course of the month.

Come back tomorrow for the start of March and a new blogging focus!


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