Morning Mani’s

Over the last few weeks, I have been pretty sick. Stuck at home on the weekends trying to keep my lungs from escaping my body. After going through the natural waiting period for my cough to leave, I gave up and took on some Korean medicine. Finally feeling better, I decided that I needed to pamper myself to feel ever more better. 

I put some feelers out on a facebook group for reliable manicure places. There are so many places around here, but I wanted to make sure I was going to a good, clean place. Especially if the person doing my nails couldn’t speak English.

I had a few hits, and one person told me of a place to go not too far from my house. A 10 minute subway ride, to an underground shopping mall. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a Korean underground shopping mall, it’s crazy. Basically it feels like you’re in a maze of small shops. Most no bigger than a storage locker.

I found one place that was just opening up when I arrived around 10:30. Apparently most places in the mall didn’t open until around 11, so I was early. I asked if she did manicures (since the Korean word for manicure is manicure) and she crossed her fingers and shook her head. It looked exactly like the picture mentioned in the facebook post so I walked away a little discouraged.

Walking a littler further, I took a turn almost by accident and found the valley of the nail booths!! There were around 4 already open, one who already had all its chairs full. Across the walking path was this other little booth, full of hello kitty items. It was so cute I just walked up and asked “ummm hi…manicure?” in my cute little scared voice.

The lady sat me down and it was like the greatest time! First of all, she had lived in Canada for five years! Her English was amazing and we got along great!! I’ve only had one other professional manicure before so not too much to compare it to, but this was definitely so much better. She cleaned my nails and did what she called “nail care”, fixing the cuticles and stuff. That never happened in Canada. Then we settled on a gel polish, and even though I screwed up a nail while taking it out of the little light thingy, they still turned out great! And no smudges since they were already dry! Add in a quick hand massage and I was good to go!

She was super nice, and I told her I’d be back in a few weeks to get them done again. And for $25, it was worth the hassle of trying to hold onto the bars in the subway with freshly moisturized hands on the way home!

I love doing little things like that to make me feel better.  I woke up kind feeling gross but was walking home like a Queen bee – bobbing along to music.


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