Mini heart attacks…

After my lovely early morning routine of reading blogs, writing my blog, cleaning my apartment, etc. I decided that it was the perfect day to cheerfully do my taxes.

Yeah I know what ya’ll are thinking: why would that be a good thing? Personally, I kind of love filing my taxes. The deadline is April 15th, which is my birthday so I like to get them done early. Plus, if I do them early, then I get my money faster! Since I have spend the total of 7 years in university, I am still reaping the benefits of tuition holdings so my returns are larger than I would normally get. It’s like getting a month’s wages free right now. I use it wisely, paying off some debt, some into savings, some into a present for me (cos I’m worth it dang it!)

Since I’m still a young-ish adult, I don’t really have much to file. Just my two T4’s from my two jobs (combined I earned less than 24,000 last year….gah so not worth working 6 days a week!) and then a medical receipt for Doris, and my tithing from church. It usually takes me like an hour to get through the whole process. I’ve used the same online company for the last 5 years. Thinking this is the 6th time I’ve used them, then it would be easy to do.

I was wrong. They had just updated their software. Cue the heart attacks!

Heart Attack 1: My birth date keeps changing in the files. Anywhere from April 12th – April 16th and literally every day in the middle.

Heart Attack 2: My regular credit card was declined twice.

Heart Attack 3: The website for my online banking was down….since February 13th?!

Heart Attack 4: After paying with a different card, I go to submit my file. The birth date has changed AGAIN but I’m like “screw it”. So I hit submit. Declined. I can’t submit my file. I try again, no luck. It says after 5 attempts I’ll be locked out so I need to stop trying.

I think I might die. But, I took a deep breath, calmed my crazy down and tried to fix it. The bank website is actually working, they just changed their layout so the old one I had bookmarked doesn’t work any more. I’ve deleted the old bookmark and saved the new site. Problem solved. My credit card is just too close to the limit, no big deal. I’ve emailed the tax filing people and hopefully this will all get sorted out.

The good news: Taxes aren’t due until April 15th, so I have plenty of time. It would be less stressful if I was living in Canada. But the thought of my return is keeping me calm…..well almost calm…


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