300 Thursday: Monkey’s in Love!

I’ve mentioned my two little monkeys on here before, they are in my Tues/Thurs classes, and instead of just 45 minutes, I get to teach them for an hour and a half!

Sometimes I call them the munchkins, but I’m trying to stick to just the monkeys. They are full of entertaining stories and today was no exception! About a month ago, a new boy came to the school with his brother. I had an interview with him (a 5 minute conversation) and then recommended that he be placed into the monkey’s class. It turns out, he is so far above the monkeys! He usually gets his work done first, then helps the monkeys out by explaining things in Korean. When the monkey’s don’t know a word for things, they ask him.


Mr. Smarty Pants!

Today, Monkey E was talking about anacondas. She had never seen them before so she was in love with them today. We had to look on google at pictures of them between classes, and after scrolling super fast past all the Nicki Minaj half naked photos, and the videos of them eating like bats and stuff, she finally sat down. She usually sits with Monkey J – they are inseparable. Like two peas in a pod.

Today, she sat down beside Mr. Smarty Pants! After noticing that, I noticed she had her hair different today – with a really big hair clip on one side! And she actually took off her coat! All through the class, he would pass her red marking pencils, and help her with her work.

Guys, I think my little monkey might be crushing!!

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