I just don’t know – GAWD!

I loved my grade 11 English class, my teacher was also one of my debate coaches. He was a little intimidating for those who didn’t really know him – very close to retirement, raised in a catholic school, kind of scary old man face. This one time, no one was able to give him the correct answer for a question (and we really should have been able to!), he started SCREAMING! AHHHHHHHHHHH

He started screaming, and as he was screaming he walked out of the room (still screaming) walked into the janitor’s room next door, grabbed a plunger and came back into the room still screaming, but shaking the plunger at us. He then left the room again, walked up and down the hall for about a minute (still screaming). Then he calmly put the plunger back into the janitor’s closet and came back to class.


In the same class, there was this one girl. We all called her an oompa loompa, because she was literally orange from tanning. So the same day with all the yelling, that teacher asked her a question and she just sat quiet for about 10 seconds, then looked him in the eye, gave the most exasperated sigh and said “I just don’t know OK?! GAWD why do you have to ask me questions?!”

That is how I feel when people ask me what my dream job is, or what really fulfills me.Sometimes like the teacher screaming, sometimes like the girl just giving up.

It’s hard to know!! After my first contract in Korea I thought that teacher was that passion, then I started teaching in the Canadian system and I knew after a few months that I would die if I had to stay in that system. It’s why I came back here, at least I know that I like doing this. But I’m not sure I could make this a long term career.

I have no idea what my dream job would be. Maybe something in the field of child care. I know for sure it’s not in retail or the public school system! If only parents really knew how difficult, stressful and depressing it is to be a teacher. Like seriously, aside from the kids, there is just so much that goes on in the background that ya’ll don’t even know about. I can see why my teacher ran around screaming with a plunger.

I really envy people who have it all sorted out. Who know what makes them happy inside, and what they could love doing for the rest of their lives. If someone wants to pay me to write this blog, I’d be down with that 😉

Thanks Daily Post for making me feel slightly inadequate today…..

Money for Nothing

If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.

7 thoughts on “I just don’t know – GAWD!

        • Lol!! From what I’ve researched, its generally around $12-15 an hour depending on what is required of the person. The family can decided live-in (usually a lower pay) or out. I had one interview for a position right after teacher’s college. And a lady emailed me to have an interview right before I left for Korea this time. 🙂 And I will most definitely have to look into that!


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