1.5 Months

Thanks, Hindsight

How is the year shaping up for you so far? Have your predictions come true, or did you have to face a curve ball or two?

There hasn’t been too much of a start to this year yet. Only 1.5 months so far, so not very much to reflect on. I’ve mentioned before that I tend not to make new years resolutions, so again not much to reflect on. But here is I round up I guess?


Life is pretty good. I’ve settled into my apartment here in Incheon, gotten use to my sad excuse for a mattress and have started back into old routines (yoga, eating habits etc).


Well work is great for the most part! My adult conversation classes keep growing. January I started with 1 girl and 1 guy. The guy left because he was too busy. Now I have the same girl moving onto the next book, plus a class of 5 girls, all 17 years old. I think a new one is being added to round it out to 6, but we are more than half way through the book so that doesn’t make too much sense right now.

For the kids, I love them. Most of the classes are great. My munchkins are still as cute as ever. There is still that one class that is borderline horrible. But they have been spoken to a few times and they seem to be getting better.


The family thing is getting better. Emails from my dad have returned to normal, and my mom is stepping away from the constant guilt pushing. Once every week or so I’ll get a link to a news article telling me how the war here is starting up again (after being dormant for 60 some years) and how I’m running away from something and she is sick because of it.

The search for the new big brother continues.


When I started this blog I had no idea that anyone would ever read it, but ever since I got that first orange notification circle I’ve kind of been addicted to seeing it! I have wonderful followers and I follow wonderful people. Once I started noticing that people liked reading my blog, I decided to make a few wishes for myself. I wish that by my 1 year I’ll have 100 followers. I just surpassed the 2,000 view mark (currently sitting at 2,344!). And yesterday, I had the best views per day, ending at 113 “recorded views” (we know how confused I am about the views thing!). I am seriously blown away!

Friending February is going great. The prompts are keeping my mind active, and I’ve connected with lots of new people. I make sure to make time to read posts from the day’s prompt and have enjoyed branching out and experiencing new bloggers. I’m excited to see what the last half of the month brings!


What I’m looking forward to would be the anniversaries of my blog. 6 months in 11 days, and then 1 year in August! And of course summer holidays when I get to go home and see my friends and family as well! 🙂

So I guess that’s pretty much it? A good start to the year so far!


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