Seriously Dumbledore?

So, I’ve been jonesing for some Harry Potter lately. I left all my hard copies of the books in Canada (cos who has room/the extra weight for that in their suitcase?!) so I have been reading e-versions of the books.

But I did bring the movies with me (digital copies FTW!) I read book one on Saturday – all except 50 pages I polished off this morning before watching the movie.

After spending two days in bed eating chicken soup and cough my lungs out, I’m 100 pages into book 2. I love the writing! I didn’t watch any of the movies until I was 23, and then didn’t read the books until I was 27 (I bought the set with my tax refund last year). I just get sucked right into the story, even though I know what’s going to happen. It’s kind of the same as Ella Enchanted.

But I have a serious question:

How on earth did those kids stay in school!?

I almost got suspended for showing a bra strap in grade 12 and almost refusing to put on a sweater on the hottest day of year – and these kids don’t get kicked out for breaking almost every single rule at the school?

And also: when do these kids sleep? They stay up late attending detentions that don’t start until 11pm? Or spending hours upon hours in detention only to return to their dorms after midnight?

Someone needs to explain this to me because I am baffled – both as a former student, and as a current teacher. Magical school or not – it’s so impractical!

Now that I have that off my chest, back to reading!


4 thoughts on “Seriously Dumbledore?

    • thanks for the great article – it is something that I’ve heard of before, and have read a little bit about. It’s a good thing that she mirrors real political issues in her books, just think of all the young minds she is reaching!

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