Wanted: New Big Brother

As I’m sure I have mentioned before, I have an older brother. Le Brother is literally one of my bestest friends. I love him with all my heart! Or should I say loved…I loved him until this afternoon. 

I’ve written a post about Le Brother before, but I made it password protected. It was from my first days of writing a blog when I thought no one would read anything I wrote so it’s very detailed and personal. I’ll have to write a new one soon 🙂

Or maybe not, since I have notified him I am in the search of a new brother. All because of this conversation. He is blue and I am pink (obviously!) I didn’t change any of the wording, just took out our names – but I did inform him it would be posted haha.


Just got back from the Sens vs Avalanche hockey game. A local product rep took us out for supper, then to the game, kept the refreshments coming… I like this whole “schmoozing” idea. We were in row N, so just 14 rows from the ice

oooo sounds nice!! hehe although ice level is where it’s at! on the corner

Nah man… Centre ice, halfway up the first section

lol fine i guess….did I tell you I watched game 1 of the 1972 summit series?! OOOO IT WAS SO GOOD

Anyways, the Sens lost to the Avalanche, even with their new star player Phaneuf (yeah we sometimes just don’t even pay attention to what the other person says. That is totally normal, I love this kid so much! And by “kid” I mean, he just turned 30). 
ooo right the leafs made that big trade last week! did they get clarky too? (Remember I went to school with the Kitchener Rangers? Clarkson, aka Clarky, was a Ranger during my time in highschool. One of the cute ones! ;))
I dunno who went to the Leafs… But Phaneuf assisted two of Ottawa’s three goals tonight
 clarkson was from the leafs lol
Nope, Sens just got Phaneuf
ah okies – i tried to read about it on cbc last night but the webpage was being lame
But I got to see my fave Patrick Roy from a distance because he coaches the Avalanche now!!!
 why is he your favourite? he’s not russian – your favourite should be a russian
 Because he’s the indisputable best goalie of All time, and nothing you can say will change my opinion. LOL
 UM NO FREAKING WAY!!! Tretiak is the best goalie OF ALL TIME! Roy has nothing on him.
 Et parce qu’il a jouer dans les Canadiens de Montreal…(I seriously had no idea what this says, I had to google translate it! He knows my views on French in Canada so he did it on purpose to annoy me)

ew – don’t speak that to me

Et les Canadiens de Montreal sont le meilleur equipe Dans le LNH (seriously what a jerk!? AM I RIGHT!?) 
 you are so lucky i have to go now to get ready for work lol
good bye now you loser you – i love you!
 LOL, well have fun teaching little Korean kids about the glorious Canadian hockey team called the Habs
ew shut up dont even put that in conversation with me! gross i need to shower now
We have a group of Habs fans at work… I love it
You are a horrible human being.

And just now, I sent him this:

just so you know: our conversation earlier is going on my blog. I am asking for a new big brother since we can’t be friends any more since you actually like the Habs. WHAT KIND OF RIDICULOUS PERSON LIKES THE HABS!!! you can like ANY TEAM just not the red wings or habs! GAH LE BROTHER! why do you make me need a new brother?! I actually like you dude lol 

So there ya have it. He is officially disowned unless he comes to his senses, and I am in the market for a new big brother.


  • be born in any year before 1987
  • be my best friend
  • be willing to talk to me about anything and offer crappy advice
  • tell me that I’m being irrational just like mom and be prepared for me to yell at you
  • be willing to handle all my crazy silly ways
  • buy me birthday presents on my birthday (Le Brother doesn’t actually do this, but since I’m upgrading…)
  • Like any hockey team EXCEPT the habs and the red wings
  • Let me stay at your house when I’m on vacation
  • take me to museums, have silly conversations about everything there and try to stop me from touching things that say “do not touch” (or just look out for security depending on the situation)
  • be sarcastic and sassy on the same level, or more so, than the original Le Brother
  • answer any and all of my questions about things, even if googling the answer would have been easier and faster. You are allowed to tell me that each and every time, but don’t expect it to change me.

For now that will do. I’ll have more qualifications during the interview stage. Please bring along 3 brotherly references, at least one that I can contract on the phone.


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