Face Smush

Do you remember the scene in Hook where the lost boys are trying to figure out if Peter is Peter Pan? And the one boy smushes his face?

image provided via google search

Today one of the munchkins decided that she needed to do this to my face. We were playing eye spy and she spied something that was blue. So we are going around the room picking everything that is blue, and “no, no, no, no, no!” Along with a mountain of giggles.

Then the final bells rings so I asked her what the object really was and she goes “TEACHER’S EYES!!” Well, I was like “you’re silly! They are green!” so she pulls my blazer to get my face close to hers, and smushes my cheeks with her little hands, looking at my eyes for about a solid minute before she goes “hehe! sorry teacher!” Then grabs her bag and runs out.

Last week, they were petting my eye brows and arm hair, this week smushing my face. Those two little munchkins never fail to amuse me!

4 thoughts on “Face Smush

    • I know! haha!! It’s because they aren’t used to seeing non-Korean features. My eyebrows are pure white so they are fascinated with them! lol Can’t wait until its warm enough for them to start seeing my tattoos….oo that will be an interesting day!


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