Statistically Speaking….

The Stat Connection

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

As prompted by the Daily Post, I have looked at my stats and taken notice of my most popular posts. While scanning through the starts for 2015 and 2016 (is there an easier way? I’m kind of new at this and could only find the view counts under “year” on my stats page), it was easy to pull out the most viewed. (speaking of views, can someone please explain to me how that system works? A post will have 5 likes, and one comment but only 1 view? That makes absolutely no sense at all!)

The most popular post (based on views, aside from my home page) is definitely my All About Me! page. I think it’s because my posts are mostly random and all over the place – but that’s just how my brain works! I’m not a professional blogger and have no clear focus, so if people want to know what I’m all about they need to read my “about me” page haha. But I do that too.


When I come across a new blog, I’ll read the first few posts available and check out the about page. If I’m still interested then I’ll follow the blog (except this month, February means any blog that follows me I follow right back!) Sometimes this hasn’t worked out the best for me. Someone will follow my blog so I’ll check out theirs, and not really be hooked in. Then after a little bit of them liking my pages and stuff I’ll go back and revisit and find out that I’ve missed all their great writing in the middle just because on the surface I couldn’t see how awesome they were just from that first post. So now I’m more open to giving blogs a harder look, taking my time to get to know them through more than one post. Although some still catch me with just one post 🙂



The other top posts are a little scattered based on content. The next one is A Pretty Great Day. Written in November of 2015, just as I was getting ready to leave for Korea. Things were just all falling into place that day and it was (can you guess?) great! I had just started my very first BloggingU course and I think a lot of the traffic came from there.

Next on the list of all time high views is my post based on a Liebster Award nomination. Then a few of the posts from this Daily Prompt challenge that I have set for myself.

Since my posts are all over the place, it only makes sense that my views and ratings will be as well. I just hit an all time high for views: on February 2nd, 77 views in one day! Again, it was the start of my Friending February and posting on the Daily Post. On February 8th, I had an all time high for likes on my blog as well. My counter says 26 as the best record (the previous record being 25) but at the end of the day I had 30 likes. Not all on one post but someone was digging my stuff and bouncing all over the place on my blog – which you should totally do by the way!! There are suggestions after each post at the bottom before the comments, feel free to click those and go exploring! Maybe leave a bread trail to find your way out again because it’s like a maze in there. 


8 thoughts on “Statistically Speaking….

  1. This…

    A post will have 5 likes, and one comment but only 1 view? That makes absolutely no sense at all!

    I think this is due to the WordPress Reader. If your post shows entirely in the Reader (because you don’t put a “More” line in it) then people can read and like and comment from the Reader without ever actually loading the real post page. I think views are times the actual post page was loaded. I don’t know if this was the intention, but it seems to be how the Reader works.

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  2. I agree. It is all about the reader. People can read and like posts without opening them. If you have a read more they may just be liking and not reading the whole thing. All possibilities.

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