Miracle on Ice – 1980’s Olympics

So I’m going to preface this post with just two simple statements: yes I know it’s my third post of the day. I normally try to stick to just one or two HOWEVER!!! when I went to Starbucks earlier, I got my normal white mocha and then a little cheesecake. So they gave me a FREE americano! And I drank both drinks….. hehe 

I just finished watching the movie Miracle. It’s about the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team.


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And let me tell you something!! I LOVE IT! I’ve seen this movie at least 10 times in the last 12 years that it’s been out. I love this movie – and it’s not just for the 80’s facial hair trends and bad Boston accents. It came out at the height of my hockey obsession so it’s very close to my heart.

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I cry every time I see this movie. I have all the feels possible while wathcing this movie. Not because it’s a depiction of the “greatest moment in sport’s history”. Yes, the Russians at the time were the best team in the entire world. They had won gold in every Olympics from 1960-1980. In that 20 year span, the USA had never once beat the Russians in a hockey game (or so says the movie).

I cry every time I watch this movie, because the Russian coach pulls their goalie after the first period. Now WOW! JUST WAIT A MINUTE HERE! No one pulls Vladislav Tretiak out of any hockey game! You don’t understand! He is hands down my favourite hockey player.

1972 Summit Series images courtesy of google search

The best goalie I have ever seen. Yes, I know, he stopped playing hockey before I was even born but you know what I mean! Check him out on youtube there are LOTS of videos!

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Now as they say in the movie, if you scored on Tretiak, you keep the puck. It didn’t happen often. And I am 99% positive that if he wasn’t benched after that first period, the American’s would not have won. Sure it did something great for the American moral in the Olympics blah blah blah – Vlad should have played! As Brooks says in the movie “you just put the best goalie in the world on the bench”.

image courtesy of google search

Tretiak is an amazing goalie. I knew of him before this movie, and had read this memoir as well. Now that was in 2004 and they stopped publishing the book in 1987 – the year I was born! It had been out of print for almost twenty years!!! My friend was even more of a fan than I was so I found a copy for her birthday on ebay. That was before ebay really took off, so it was really surprising. I was even able to download a few signed pictures of his and have them printed up for her. It was awesome.

Ok, back to the movie! Now at this time, the Russian team dominated the world. And I also think this was the start of their decline a little bit. But really the Russians play hockey like the Canadians do – it’s part of their identity. Most of the guys on that team had been playing together for 15 years.

Now I don’t follow sports very much, and I really only like watching hockey if it’s live. In my opinion, the only team I can justify losing to in a hockey rink would be the Russians. Have you ever seen them play? In 2005, they Canada-Russia friendship summit game came to my hometown. Ya’ll know I lived in a hockey town – the Kitchener Rangers. So the Ontario team had many players from the Rangers on it. At the last moment I was given ice level, behind home net seats. And I had to work. Well I called into work a few hours before the game started and told them I was snowed in at my uncle’s and just prayed they didn’t see me on tv. I was NOT missing that game. And I have never regretted that decision.

The Russian’s have impeccable skills on the ice. Even better the Canadians (yeah I admit it!). They have such a clean way of playing that far surpasses anything I’ve seen in Canada. But Canadians play a little dirtier – it’s more entertaining.

In the movie, Jimmy Craig is the goalie for the US team. His mother had just passed away and he was playing for her. The year before this movie came out, a player for the Ranger’s lost his mom too. She died over Christmas from cancer. Now it’s hard enough for anyone when a parent dies, but for a 17 year old guy living away from home to play semi-professional hockey, and then having his mom pass away over the Christmas break? That sucks! But as hockey fans, we know there are certain times where you cheer and it doesn’t matter what team you’re cheering for. Those times are: during the national anthem (you’re playing an American team on home ice? You clap for their national anthem! You respect where they are coming from), when a player gets injured on the ice and gets back up, AND when a 17 year old boy takes the ice for the first time after having to say goodbye to his mother. There was a moment of silence for him and you could hear a pin drop in that arena.

There’s one thing that my really close friends know about me: I’m a sweet, delicate, soft spoken type of person. But you talk smack about my boys in red/white/blue we’re going to have a PROBLEM! Just like Max Black from 2 Broke Girls, someone is gonna have to hold my hoops! I grew up one street over from the local “baby daddy alley” and deep down, the 17 year old me has a little bit of a ghetto attitude. I have literally said this to someone when they talk about my team, with this look in my eyes:

image courtesy of google search

The ghetto T doesn’t come out very often, but when she does, you don’t want to mess with her.

But they also know, if you want me to love you forever: just give me hockey tickets. Just don’t expect me to talk to you while we’re there and the game is being played. During intermission yes, time outs sure, the whistle blows ask me anything! But as soon as that puck is in play no talking is allowed. The game goes into overtime? Don’t even think about it – I’ll need a stick of gum and a place to pace! Especially during a playoff game.

Ok guys, so the espresso is wearing off, AND I found the 1972 Summit Series on youtube. Anyone want to watch some hockey?! Each game is only like an hour and a half  😉



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