Alright so my plans were slightly derailed but I promised a food related answer to the Daily Prompt  so here it is!

When I was living in Osan 5 years ago, I took over for a teacher who left before the end of her contract. It happens sometimes but if you stay the entire contract you get an extra month’s pay at the end and your pension! I’m not leaving without that $4,000!! ANYWAYS I found out early on that she left because she was teaching the worst classes in the entire school! There were 4 native English teachers at the time and she had all the bad classes to herself.

I met the very worst one on my first day. They were the last class Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. On Wednesday, my second day with them, I was presented with some Korean street food called Ddeokoggchi (you say it kinda of like duck-o-chi, kind of but not really). They had decided to put the spiciest sauce on it as a trick for me. My face went BRIGHT RED and my throat and all the way down past my collarbone. I do not handle that much spice very well. It was so spicy it actually burnt my throat and I lost my voice for a few days.

After getting over the trauma of that, it became my most favourite snack EVER!!! And I have been craving it for the last FOUR YEARS! I would put BBQ sauce on it and it would literally be my dinner. The following is a picture from when I was in Osan.

230 - Ddeokggochi

I am drooling like Homer Simpson right now.

So my plan was to go to Osan today and get some bulgogi (a beef dish) at my favourite restaurant there and then do a little walking, and get some delicious ddeokoggchi on my way back to the subway station. It’s a 103 minute trip to get to Osan from my station. Not including walking time. And I was willing to do it, for a 500 won (50 cents) piece of rice cake on a stick. OMG it’s sooooo good!! Living in Huron County in Ontario, it’s not that far fetched to drive over an hour to go to dinner. London Ontario was an hour drive away, Kitchener-Waterloo an hour and 15 minutes. So I’m use to the travel.

On my way to the subway station, I noticed how quiet the streets were and how no one was on them. Which is strange in Korea. Everything is open all the time. It’s lunar new years and I guess today is the big “no one is working” day. Once I passed Dunkin’ Donuts and Paris Baguette (a Korean bakery) and both were closed, I decided to head home. I extended my walk a little bit for the fresh air though. Noticed Baskin Robins was open so I took the chance and decided to see if Starbucks was as well. It was!! YAY. So I got a coffee and a snack and came home instead.

But tomorrow! TOMORROW I will go to Osan, and I WILL get my ddeokoggchi! I’ve noticed the rice cake pre-made in the store. I think I might invest in a good BBQ sauce and just cook some up for myself…I wonder if it freezes well? I can’t just live on rice cake. Although man I would die happy if I tried…….

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