Expat Dating and FF Revisions

Ok – it’s been almost a week of my Friending February experiment, and so far it’s going like 75% well. So I’m going to make some changes, and its because I need you guys! 

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the Daily Post prompts which focus my writing for the day. But I think that I will allow myself to open up and do personal posts as well. I’ll still post from the Daily Post every day, but sometimes I just need to be free to write. Like right now.


Now I know ya’ll don’t really know me – but what’s your opinion on this:

I was being curious today, and decided to snoop on a dating website that I used in Canada. There were a few guys from S. Korea on it. Then I was like “hmmms what about that site my friend met her now fiance on?” And decided to give it a quick look too. But I forgot that you have to sign up to snoop!!

So, now I have a profile. The good thing about this site is that it doesn’t match you with anyone unless you have a profile picture. I don’t. Yet.

Here is my dilemma:

Do I add a profile picture and put myself out there or just continue on in my non-dating existence. Like sure it would be nice to meet someone here who I connect with on that level, but I’m not the type of girl to just go jump into bed with a guy. I don’t know how long I will actually be here, and that is part of what’s stopping me.

I don’t date just to date. I date with purpose. If I go on a date with someone, it’s because I feel a connection there that could possible grow into something more. Is there even a chance of that while living here? How do you date as an expat? I have no long term plans, I seriously could be back in Canada in 10 months. Or I could be here, or heck I could be in Europe or the UK. I seriously have NO IDEA. Do you need a nanny for your children? Let me know I’d be all over it as soon as my contract is up here.

I also have never met anyone from a dating site in person. Ever. I had a “I know that is him standing 500 feet away from me but I’m at work so I’m not going to say anything to him” moment, and he messaged me later that night saying he saw me but was “too shy” to come and say hi (I told him I didn’t notice him).

Now, I’m going to think about this over night. I’m exhausted from my day of clothes shopping and craft shopping. I am way too excited about finding actual goldfish crackers so I am obviously not thinking clearly. Maybe this is all a delusion that the non-knitting corner in my brain has created to keep me distracted from returning to the SEVEN FLOOR CRAFT MARKET I experienced today. I don’t know.

What I do know is that, I need your advice. Help me out people! Drop me a line, lay it on me. Do I finish my profile or delete it? Can I really expect to find someone not looking for a good time hook up? Are you secretly in love with me and think I should lock my heart up just for you?! (seriously are you? It’s ok – I’m pretty awesome!) Gah I’m coming off my crafter’s high and it’s not looking good peeps.


15 thoughts on “Expat Dating and FF Revisions

  1. I really feel you need to finish that profile and be 100% honest and charming in it about the current situation. Because irony is a comedian, when you are not looking for love, it will find you. Sadly that is how it works. I don’t think you should fill out a dating profile in Canada till your back in Canada. Stick with Korea. Now in 10 months if you are going back home, mayne fill out a profile at the 8th month. I am going to think more about this later and maybe offer additonal suggestions. Mu children need their second breakfast of the day.

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  2. You should finish it :). You know what you don’t want out of it, so if you do meet up with someone and you’ve been honest and they’re not, you can leave. Can’t say they weren’t warned.
    It’s always worth a go though, never know who you might meet! My friend used to work abroad, she met a guy 3 months before she was off globetrotting once more, and now they’re happily married. What’s the worst that could happen?

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