A Bird, a Plane, You!

You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:

  • the ability to speak and understand any language
  • the ability to travel through time
  • the ability to make any two people agree with each other

Today’s Daily Prompt is a very easy one to write about. I would obviously take the abilitiy to speak and understand any language.

Yesterday was the start of a new month at my hogwan. That means that we have all new books for the students, and sometimes the classes changes. Students move up or down depending on their abilities in class. It also means that I have a crazy few days: organizing my stack of new books, grading final tests, writing comments for all the students (which the parent’s probably can’t read) and then getting the classes settled.

I have this one class, 200 class. It has 8 students, but only one is a new addition. All the rest have stayed the same. There is one boy in this class, J. He is the devil in a little Korean boy’s body. He is the rudest kid I have ever met. He never listens, he always talks back, he has the worst attitude when playing games or answering questions. He speaks in Korean to all his friends, even when I’m teaching. And he talks smack about me and the other students in the class. He’s 11! And there is nothing I can do about it.

If I had this super power, I’d be able to 1) actually understand what he’s saying about me, and 2) be able to reply in a language that he actually understands. He says “sorry teacher” “very very sorry teacher” but you can tell he doesn’t mean it.

Teaching English here would be so much easier if I could speak and understand Korean. Every day I have a student who wants to ask me a question, and they start off with “teacher!……” and just move on. I’m picking up on some phrases, and even after being here 5 years ago, it hasn’t become any easier. I long for the days where I can have a full conversation in a language of my choice and not have to speak in broken sentences. Although, when I do try Korean in my one class, those two little monkeys always go “oooo good speaking!! very good Korean teacher!” and then spend about 5 minutes giggling over whatever word I just said. They are adorable!

If I could speak and understand any language, I would have one less fear of traveling and moving to other places! I chose to come back to Korea because I knew the customs and a little bit of the language and knew I’d be able to thrive here without being fluent. But I would have loved to go to China or Japan or maybe some European country. Yes English is a language known in almost every country, but it is so very satisfying to be able to communicate with people in their mother tongue.

Although maybe being able to speak and understand any languages would have it’s down side as well. I love when I’m dating a guy and he can speak another language. There is just something very sexy about it -especially a language like Spanish or Italian. I can understand maybe a few words (after the years of French, Spanish and German classes I’ve taken) but it’s still exotic to me.

10 thoughts on “Um….no….

  1. I would also go for time travel – I love history and would love to go back and witness historical events – would I change anything – probably not – only try not to be such a bloody horrible teenager – appreciate my mom and all she did for us – work harder at school – ooooh that is changing a lot Ha!


  2. Terrific post and great choice of superpowers. 🙂 For me it would be the ability to influence any two people to agree with one another. I wrote about it in my post, check it out. 😉


  3. Wow I have never met anyone who has worked at a hagwon before. That must be so rewarding! I also agree that most people fear traveling because it is a struggle to get around without understanding the local language without carrying a pocket translator around everywhere. I chose the same superpower as well! Check out my take on the prompt at

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    • Some days it’s the best job in the world, other days I want to run out of the class crying and never go back haha!! But then I have to remind myself, it’s only 45 with that class…and if I mention it to their Korean teacher or the director, they are going to get in TROUBLE! lol Thanks for the follow! I’ll be checking out your post!


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