Batman Voices

So it’s the start of Friending February! Each post will come from the Daily Post’s prompt for the day (technically the day before for me). Each new follow will be followed in return. Let’s get out there and meet new people! 

The prompt for today is Roaring Laughter, and it took me a while to realize when last I had such a good laugh. The last time I laughed so hard my sides hurt, would have to have been in the summer. Such a long time ago! I remember it well:

It was Canada day, July 1st for the rest of the world, and I was visiting my brother in Ottawa. I usually visit him at the end of June but never stayed for the celebrations in the Nation’s capital. It all seemed a little too crowded, and being the fair skinned, red headed, half Scottish person that I am, I had no desire to sit on parliament hill ALL day in the summer sun. 

This time, it rained all day on July 1st. My brother, his roommate, and another friend were all over at the house. We decided to have a bbq and game day instead. We played “Cards against humanity” and omg! HILARIOUS. It was the first time I had ever played and wow. It was a little awkward at first – it was my brother and his friends who I didn’t know very well. With my own friends I could get as silly or as naughty as I wanted, but I didn’t know these people. That fear was soon thrown out the window – pretty much by the second round. And it was a GREAT time. 

I thought about this topic all night trying with all my might to find another time that I actually had a really good laugh after that. A game night in the middle of the summer maybe, but what really stands out is one of my classes a few weeks ago. It’s the highest level class at the hogwan, and it had 1 girl and 2 boys (starting today another boy joins).

We were taking up answers, and I’m not sure what came over the two boys, but every answer they gave was in a batman voice. You know how Christian Bale always makes his voice lower and huskier when he’s batman? Well these two boys decided that it was how the class was going to go! Omg it was so funny!! It usually takes about 3 minutes to get all the answers out for one page. It took us over 10 to get through the answers! I finally had to catch my breath from laughing and pull out the dreaded teacher’s voice on them. But now they are bringing their friends to join the class (aka the new guy) so it’s all good in the end? They are definitely my favourite class.

9 thoughts on “Batman Voices

  1. Sounds like excellent fun! Our family plays a game called Racing Demons. It’s a card game that’s best played with multiple players. It brings out the true personality in people. SO hilarious, love the animals at the top of your blog, cheers Nicole

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  2. FREAKING LOVE CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY! I own it yet have only played 3 times in a year because obviously children can’t be around. My favorite combination (allow me to preface this with I know I will be going to hell for this one)? Stephen Hawking talking dirty. That story was great! I totally have a vision in my head of cute little boys giggling everytime they say something in Batman voice. Have you watched any “Batdads”? That is a laugh till your sides hurt situation.

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