The 100

Ok, last post for today – I promise! This one isn’t even really all that interesting. Have you seen the Netflix show the 100? My friend was raving about it all summer and I was like um…..yeah kind not really my thing but thanks anyways. 

Well Netflix in Korea doesn’t have all the shows that my Netflix in Canada did, BUT it does have all the Netflix originals. Or at least I think it does – who knows.

So the other day I was bored and was like “ok T, just watch one episode.” I usually give tv shows 3 episodes to wow me. Ya’ll I was HOOKED! Don’t worry no spoilers here. And if you have seen all of it – don’t spoil it for me! I’m only on season 1 epsiode 11. But lunar New Year is coming up so I’ll have a few days off work. I’m sure I can be lazy and just burn through all the episodes HAHA.

If you haven’t watched this show, let me try to convince you with just one picture. I told my friend if she had led with this, I would have been ALL OVER IT!

image provided via google search

Yeah that’s pretty much it! Start watching it immediately if you haven’t already.


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