Last Day Sunday

There is something oddly satisfying about the last day of the month being a Sunday. It kind of fills me with this sense of calmness and completion. 

Sunday’s are always a day at home for me. A few years ago it would involve going to church and spending time with my family. That quickly morphed into church in the morning and working in the afternoon – students always get the weekend shifts.

Last year, during the busy time of the year, I would supply teach Monday-Friday, and work full shifts at Tim’s Friday/Saturday. With Sunday being my only day off, I took it as a full day of rest. I would still get up with my parents as they were getting ready for church, but I would stay home, do laundry, catch up on things I didn’t have time for during the week. I liked that routine, and I’ve kept it up here.

I know my mom would prefer that I go to a church here (she tells me so every few weeks) but honestly right now that’s just not something I am drawn to do. Like I want to want to go to church, but something in side of me just doesn’t connect with that. So I’m taking the time to figure it out. I haven’t lost my faith or anything it’s just that organized church services have really let me down lately so I’ve broken up with them.

In the mean time! Sundays here are great. It’s 10am and already I’ve swept, dry swiffered, wet swiffered, did my dishes, dusted, and my load of laundry for the day is on it’s final spin. Now onto emails and blog things (you lucky people you!) and later I have to sharpen a pack of pencils for school tomorrow. I don’t like the sharpener at the school so I’ll just quickly do it here. I bought this nifty pencil cup which is divided into three parts! In the 1/2 compartment of the cup I’ll throw in erasers, in 1/4 of the cup will be pencils and the other 1/4 will be red marking things (pens/twist up crayons). Desk organization solved!!

Now for Friending February details:

I stated before that for February I’ll be doing things a little different. Each day my post idea will come from The Daily Post prompt, so it will most likely be posted at night for me instead of when I usually post -being in Korea means I’m generally 12-14 hours ahead of everyone I interact with haha. But don’t worry! The sass and insanity you have come to expect from me will still be here!

It also means that any new follow on my blog will get a follow back. I was inspired by the comments to my post about follow backs. I think I need to start opening up to new bloggers and this seems like a good way to do it!

I hope this will end up giving me more inspiration for my blog, and be a little bit more entertaining to write. I’ll keep up my normal voice, glittery commentary and silly royalty free images (ps: I’ve really come to love putting them in! Sometimes maybe I get a little too carried away, they are so cute though! What do you think?!)

Goodbye January and hello to you February!! Let’s have some fun 🙂


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