The Subway hateth

You’d think that after the post I made this morning about getting away from the neighbour noise for a day, that I would have had a good time out. You would be wrong. Let’s take a little trip into the story called “The day T hated the subway” shall we? 

I know it’s not common knowledge around here, but I’m T haha. Just thought I should get that out of the way. Now, onto our story.

So I get on the subway and I know exactly where I need to go: Get on a Jakjeon, get off at Bupyeong and transfer to a train heading to Guro. At Guro, get off and transfer to a train heading to Pyeongtaek (my final destination). The whole trip is suppose to take around 2 hours. So the first little bit goes well. I have been on that exact same system of trains before, never as far as Pyeongtaek. Now on the subway map, once I am on the train at Guro, I theoretically just stay on that train all the way to Pyeongtaek. Let’s examine picture 1. It’s provided via google search and a wikipedia page, altered by me. It only shows after Bupyeong, but that’s ok. The light blue arrow shows my subway line attaching at Bupyeong. You might have to right click on it and open the picture in a new tab to really see the deatils…..


Now, since I know where I’m going I just plug in my headphones and listen to music, ignoring everything around me. Once on at Guro, I had an 80 minute ride before I needed to pay attention. WELL I was wrong. They announce stops and transfers in English on the trains but I had my music up too load to notice so this is where I ended up:


It was literally the end of the track!! I asked a group of highschool students and they said to get back to Byeongjeom, to just get back on the same train. A 20 minute wait and it was on it’s way again.

Once back on the same train, and back in Byeongjeom, I had to transfer to the train that was actually going to Pyeongtaek. Thankfully, once I got to Byeongjeom, I asked someone getting on the train if it was going there, she said no. And then her and some other guy both showed me where to go (using hand motions) and I left the train. I got onto the right platform just as the train was pulling out of the station so another 30 minute wait for the next train.

Lesson learned! The whole trip there ended up taking THREE HOURS! I had lunch and then did some shopping. I was going to a high end department store and ended up getting a designer purse and a matching wallet. In S. Korea, brands matter. It wasn’t my intention on buying designer, it just happened. Everything was 30% off, and it’s not like it was Gucci or anything haha. It still ended up costing me 200,000 won for both, but its ok. Look how pretty they are!!


Now on the way back, I actually got on the right train. Not just the right train, but also the express train. It skipped 17 stops on the way back! I was in Guro in no time! No crazy mix-ups this time, just a few creepy people.

There is a dollar store in the subway station so I made sure to stop there on my way out to get a few things for my desk organization project and then made it home. A good 6 hours spent out of the house and I really needed it! While I love being lazy and anti-social on the weekends, I think I need to kick my butt into actually going out of the house at least one day out of the two haha. Saw an advertisement for a Van Gogh exhibit maybe I’ll check it out next weekend!


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