Desk Organization

So it’s final test day here at the hogwan, and I have prepared, photocopied, stacked, and written answer sheets for all the tests that I will have over the next few days. What’s left to do? Post my third post of the day on my blog obviously! Which is going to break the 300 Thursday rule but its my rule so I can break it?

Alright ya’ll so I’m not used to having my own desk. At my old hogwan, I had a desk, it had a drawer to keep the mess in, a phone to call students for their dreaded speaking tests, and a computer that I watched new episodes of Modern Family on during my breaks, but I would travel to different classes. I would just pick up my books from the box, grab a marker or chalk (we were in two buildings one with white boards and one with chalk boards) and then head to whatever class I was tormenting that hour.

This time I have my own class room, with my own desk. So I’ve started to really make it my own home. Since it will be for the next year (technically 10 months now, maybe more?). But there is no drawer so all my crap is out.

Those are two pictures of my desk…as you can see on the right hand side, all my crap.  See all those cute little eraser bits? I had one when I started two months ago. Now through foraging the classroom floor at the end of the day, I have like a THOUSAND! (read 5). That pencil holder, with my new red pencils (twist up red crayons folks! TWIST UP CRAYONS!) is pretty much busting at the seems. It has little half pencils in it. When I started I had about 5 normal sized pencils. Now I have none of the original 5, but about 4 half pencils that are totally different. That cute pink with white dots thing is my personal pencil case. I have real crayons (I always travel with crayons!) and some other writing utensils. Since the students have stolen all my pencils, I now use the mechanical one in my case. It’s pretty.

The left side is my lovely stack of books and tests for today and tomorrow! I guess i’m a super mean teacher because I love giving tests. YAY TESTS! But, back to the right, if you look in the bottom right hand corner there is a little yellow blob – aka my bucket of suckers.

I need to organize this crap a little bit better. The kids always needing my stuff, the extra papers that I keep adding to my stash in the book holder, the snacks hidden under the fake, bright yellow american dollar bills – it’s just crazy some days! And the director uses my room when he teaches or holds presentations to perspective parents.

Now the challenge: if I go out and buy another pencil holder for the left hand side, is it safe to say that all the new pencils in it will be gone within the first week? Should I just give up my fancy coloured markers and go back to black and red? The coloured ones I brought from home and are pretty much dead now anyways.

I do need to make some signs for my class. I introduced them to eye spy and they don’t even know the word for wall. That’s kind of a problem haha. Maybe in my free time tomorrow I’ll type some up and post them all over.

Just realizing this post really doesn’t have a point to it…but ya know what? I’m going to post it anyways! If you made it this far, come see me at my desk I’ll give you a lollipop.


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