Beep beep!! News coming in!

The proud patrol is coming through! I don’t mean to toot my own horn but

Lately I’ve been heading to the supermarket just a little more than I would like. I’m always running out of things. Since I actually have a bank account I’m getting a little better, I can do bigger shops and feel confident I won’t run out of money (1 million won does go a LONG way people!!)

So today I decided that I will only go shopping on Friday mornings before work. I usually only really cook meals on the weekend, opting for sandwiches, salads and healthy snacking for the work week, so shopping on Friday lets me get stuff for the weekend “real meals” that make up leftovers for the week. It also lets me get salty snacks for the weekend when I’m inside being lazy and antisocial. If I only shop on Friday, when I run out of salty snacks then I have to just deal.

But today is Thursday! I went for ESSENTIAL things: honey/lemon for my cold, floss, TP, marking pencils, lollipops (final tests are today/tomorrow, the kids are going to revolt!) and a yoga mat.

Picking up my pencils, I noticed this ADORABLE hippo notebook. Guess what – not essential! I PUT IT BACK!!!! TOOT TOOT I rock.

Got to the checkout line, no extras in my basket TOOT TOOT

Didn’t go over my 50,000 won expected budget TOOT TOOT 

Thought up a new idea for my blog for February (check out the new page hereTOOT TOOT

Didn’t go over the 300 word limit for Thursdays! TOOT freaking TOOT!

ps: seriously going back for that notebook tomorrow, found a use for it!! TOOOT

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