I have Fur?

There is never a shortage of funny things that come out of the mouths of children. There was even that show on when I was younger Kids Say the Darnedest Things” which was just full of childhood silliness. Teaching English just increases the silliness that children say, they are trying to find the correct word in their language first and then translate it to English. It makes for some entertaining work. Last night was no exception. 

Remember a few weeks ago, one class of mine discovered Doris? She wasn’t sitting right and they saw my natural hair poking out from underneath it. To my surprise those two adorable little girls haven’t brought it up since then, but the ghost in the copy room I hear about every day! Well, those two little monkey’s have done it again!

Last night, I was wearing a shirt which I LOVE! It was from a “normal” clothing store, and one that I can never find any clothes that I like. But I found this beautiful blue, off the shoulder sweater, on sale, goes down over my butt so I don’t have to keep pulling at it, and their XL size actually fit me!! So it’s one of my favourites.

Anyways, we are playing a game called “last letter”. You write an English word on the board and the next word must start with the last letter of the first word. So it’s my turn, and I go to write a word up and one of the little monkeys starts giggling. I thought she had just got some marker on the back of my shirt and then the other one started giggling. So I ask them that’s so funny and they start whispering with each other. Finally I get asked to turn around.

By this time my face is starting to go red – is there a hole in the back of my shirt? Is my underwear showing? So I slowly spin in a circle for them, and they see my face going a little red. “Ooo sorry teacher!! sorry!!” I ask what she is sorry for and she pats her cheeks “red teacher, sorry!” Well I finally got it out of them what they were so enthused about – when I stood in front of the first little girl to write my word, my shirt goes down far enough in the back that she should see the little tuffs of hair there. She didn’t know what to call it so she told me I had fur on my back. Bless her cute little heart!

If you have been crazy enough to venture back to my first few posts, you would have found one called What’s Wrong with You?! This post details the few medical/DNA related things wrong with me. One of them being that I have polycystic ovary syndrome. For a brief understanding of PCOS you can head on over to the Mayo Clinic website. It’s not serious but it does give me a few annoying things that I hate – one being that hair. Confined to just around my collar bones in the front and about an inch below my shoulders, it’s really not that bad. In my article from September, I mention a woman Harnaam Kaur, she has the same syndrome, but I think she is embracing it much better than I am! In that article I linked to a buzzfeed article about her, but since I have learned so much about blogging since then, here are a few pictures from that article, taken by Louisa Coulthurst, so you don’t have to go bouncing all over the internet:

Kaur's attitude and beauty impressed British photographer Louisa Coulthurst.

The results are pretty stunning.

Check out that smile.

In the second and third picture you can kind of see the same pattern of hair that I have. I don’t know if I could ever be as brave as her to just let it all go like that, but my hair is white so I’m only with only dealing with certain parts of it. I do have to shave my face every day, but I try to leave the rest of it alone. Following the “if you start to shave, you have to KEEP shaving” rule. But in the mean time, I guess my two little monkeys will just keep saying I have fur haha!

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