Weekend Drafts: Donald Trump

Over the weekend I started up a few drafts on my account. I had never used this feature before, but think that it will take precedent over my prompt jar. With drafts, I can add details and pictures as they come to me and just revisit them later. My prompt jar papers have random sentences on them which by the time I get around to them I have no idea what I was thinking about in that moment haha!! 

This morning I didn’t really have a topic I wanted to write about, but I noticed this in my draft folder and would like some commentary. Please understand I am NOT looking for backlash or hateful speech here at all, just a little understanding.

Being a political science major, everyone expects me to be up to date on the American election. Honestly, I specialized in global governance and international relations. I didn’t take any American political class, and I only took the Canadian classes that I was forced to take to get my degree. So I have a few questions for my American friends (or anyone who has an opinion really):

  1. Why does your election take so long to happen?! I swear I have been hearing about it for at least a year and it’s still not over. Please explain this to me! As a Canadian, our campaign season is at most like 3 months.
  2. In your own words, what’s the different between democrats and republicans?
  3. Who are you supporting and why? No mud slinging required, but lemme know your thoughts on who you are supporting.
  4. After all the bad things I keep hearing about Donald Trump, and this photo that I found on my Facebook feed,

Are there any Trump supporters who can explain why they support Trump? Again, don’t throw mud, I’m not judging I am seriously just curious. He obviously has supporters so he must be doing something right. We all know that the media loves to focus on the bad, and that’s all I’d reading. Please educate me 🙂

So once again, I’m going to say this perfectly clear: This is a safe place for discussion. I do not want a flame war happening in my comments section. If it starts, I will delete the comments and/or shut them down. I am just looking for facts and your personal opinions to understand the election better.

Just one last thing: it doesn’t matter to me who you support or why. But it is important to go out and vote. The most recent Canadian election had a huge surge in voter turnout and we achieved some pretty amazing changes. So if all you take away from this is one last thing then that’s ok!

GO VOTE!!! (whenever this crazy long campaign is over)



5 thoughts on “Weekend Drafts: Donald Trump

  1. Well… I’m an American and I have no f-ing idea how anyone can support Trump. He scares the crap out of me and if (God help me) he gets elected, I am going to want to leave the country.

    The fact that Trump has supporters at all tells me that the US is full of racist, elitist nutballs… which also scares me.

    I disagree with pretty much everything the Republican party stands for. I am not necessarily committed to Hillary or Bernie right now (though I like how Bernie thinks)… but one of them gets my vote.

    As for why it takes so long in. The US… Ugh, I don’t know every detail but I HATE it. First there are primaries where the parties choose the candidate that will represent them in the general election. There are several debates… I hate those too… They are mostly just a bunch of politicians yelling at each other, insulting each other, etc. Awful.

    Then there’s the amount of $ a candidate spends to run for president. I’m bleeping unemployed and I have squat, yet these people are getting huge donations and spending millions to fund their campaigns. A glorified popularity contest. I could use some of that money… You know, to live… Feed my family… Not have to constantly worry about my unemployment status.

    One last thing… the Republicans shortened the period for which Americans can collect unemployment checks. If I didn’t already want to slap them, I would now. I could have used more weeks with those tiny checks…

    Bitter Broke Unemployed Liberal American

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    • hmms i don’t know why but it asked me to approve your reply -it’s never done that before! haha! but thank you for the mini-education! 🙂 would it be fair to rope democrats in with liberals and republicans with conservatives? I hope your election ends soon! lol I like how American Presidents can only stay in office for two terms. But also think that if one is doing a good job, maybe they should be able to run again? In Canada there are no limits. Just elections every 4 years. But since we are a 4 party government most of the time (I don’t count the bloc, personal reasons) then it is easier to have minority governments and then easier to force a minority out of power and a new election lol.


      • Well… Kind of, yes, democrats are more liberal and republicans conservative… But some democrats are more liberal than others and some republicans are more conservative (and scary) than others. Well… I loved Bill Clinton and if he could run again, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. Also… Even if someone was doing a good job according to some, others would disagree. The two fighting parties never want to compromise on anything… And then they whine about it. Republicans love to say Obama has done nothing… But they are the ones who stop anything from happening. Honestly, they are like a bunch of poorly behaved children…


        • Thank you for the very quick education into American politics haha! And I agree that politicians are pretty much just big children. I think that’s the same in every country. I’m glad Harper is not longer the PM of Canada. I started out supporting him, but as time went on he just kept making me regret it.

          And that makes sense about the name thing and having to approve comments! haha!

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