Ok folks, I just need to get some things off my chest. The last few days I have been hit with a lot of betrayal and I think it’s about time the world knew about it. (if you haven’t guessed this is just going to be a venting sesh)

First of all, Weather:

image via facebook and google search

Like what the crap?! It went from being a balmy -2 for mid-January to an arctict “real feel” -25 in ONE DAY! My pipes froze, my utility bills are going to SKYROCKET, all because of this stupid weather. There isn’t even any snow to make me feel like it’s winter. Nopes, just lots of sunshine (no betrayal from Mr. Sun at least!) and cold weather.

Next: Bills

So this one isn’t too much of a betrayal but more so just like my own doing. So I got my first utility bill here while I was on Christmas holiday. It’s water and electricity together and it was 43,000 won (around $43 Canadian so lets just stick to that shall we?). It was from Nov 7-Dec 7. The school gave me money to cover the time I wasn’t actually here which was nice. So I’m expecting around the same for this month, I get my bill on Friday and it’s $243!!! WHAT! The other bills in the mail slot were for around 130-150 so i’m guessing that’s normal for someone living here, and I do have to remember that it’s water and electric together. I did pay my last bill around 6-8 days late so I’m sure there are late fees in there as well. but OMG. now that I have my water running all freaking day! I’m sure that the next bill is going to be even more expensive….

Moving right along to My Body 

In the midst of all this cold weather, I’ve of course developed a cough. I hate coughs. They are just so annoying. On top of that, my face has decided to break out. Excellent……

My Mind

This one may be my fault as well – just a little bit. A friend here was having a birthday party Saturday night. I was a little apprehensive about going since I would have only known her and I didn’t really know where I was going. I woke up with a huge headache and couldn’t get rid of it so I stayed home. It could have been me stressing over it and my body just reacting to that, but still brain what’s up!?

My Mom

So I put this one in the middle since it’s really the only serious one. My parents have been getting on my last nerve this past week! The final straw for it was my mom: a few weeks ago she asked if she could wear one of my rings I had left behind. It was a gift from my parents when I graduated from university the first time. I said I would prefer if she didn’t since the stone was loose and I was waiting to get it fixed until I was home and could get it dipped (it’s yellow gold, I only wear white – they both said it was ok to dip it). But I really have been putting that off for like 4 years. So Saturday morning I wake up and there is an email from her saying she got the setting fixed – you could tell by her language she was so proud of herself. So I asked if she got it dipped too, no it was unnecessary, so I said to just put it back in it’s ring box and put it in my room (my jewellery box is in her room while I’m here). Then she got mad cos I was being rude, and she was just trying to do something nice and blah blah blah. Needless to say I responded in a not nice way and there has been no reply yet almost 24 hours later. I think I alienated my dad too over something else, so I feel like I have no family anymore. After I’m done here I will be emailing them to try to fix this…..

The Moon

I used to be able to see the moon rising in front of my apartment building. I think the earth has shifted since I haven’t seen the moon in a long time. What did I do? Whatever it is, I’m sorry! Come back.


I definitely clicked the wrong button on my google page the other day. So now my google pages are in Korean. All the tabs and everything are in Korean so it’s like a guessing game what I’m clicking. Thank goodness I know the second tab is always “images” so when writing this post it was easy to switch from search to images. Will have to try to fix that later. And Google Translate: I know it’s not 100% perfect but I’m using draino for the first time in my life and the instructions are in Korean and I just wanted to know what they said. Even typing it in Korean, it didn’t exactly translate so I hope I don’t die from fumes or whatever. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, assume I am dead and blame the draino.

My Nails

See those beautiful square manicured nails? Those are not my nails. After quitting the food industry 4 months ago, I started working on my nails. Nail hardener was bought, a weekly routine of filing and shaping and polish began! Last week one nail decided that it was in love with my vegetable peeler and it jumped into the blade while I was peeling a carrot. Just the nail was harmed – she suffered greatly but was filed down and we decided to forget the betrayal and move on. WELL now her sisters are all up in arms! And they all decided to crack and split and break. Even the cuticles were on board with this mutiny!! So 4 months of hard work and perfect nails went down the drain. We are all back at zero. And what’s worse is that with the cuticle and hangnail attack of this week, I can’t put new polish on without it burning so they will have to suffer until everything heals.

Ok, my last item. Hollywood’s attempt at Jane Austen.

In combination with the headache and staying in from freezing to death, I decided to make it a Jane Austen weekend. There are at least 10 adaptations I had on cue to watch – and decided to start with the ones I didn’t think I’d enjoy. I’m a BBC girl to the core, and believe that British media makes the best Jane Austen adaptations. BUT I’ve watched all of them so for Emma and Pride & Prejudice, I watched the American versions. Sweet baby Jesus. I had never seen the Gwenyth Paltrow version of Emma before and I will most definitely never again. What a farce! I am shocked that it was even put out in the first place, unless when it was released it was suppose to be a joke. The Keira Knightly version of P&P wasn’t as bad, but as a purist I can not accept anything less than the quality of the Colin Firth mini-series.


WHOA! Ok, so that was a lot of venting. If you’ve stayed this long, I hope I at least made it entertaining for you. I even added lots of pictures to keep you occupied along the journey. Now to go an email my parents and see what real mess this is or if it can just blow over.


2 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. I am with you on the Jane Austen stuff. I can’t stand the Paltrow Emma. Colin Firth is King and BREATH lol. I also like how you say balmy -2. I’m over here in New York under 2 feet of snow whining as I tried to get to work this morning.

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