La Loche Saskatchewan

While I normally don’t post on Saturdays, making it a habit of taking a day off from writing to regroup my thoughts, I was shocked to hear of a shooting at a high school in Saskatchewan. Not my home province, but as it is in Canada, it hits very close to home.

Even though I’m thousands of miles away, it’s comforting to know that our new PM has already staged a press conference while he is also out of country, and is working together with authorities in Canada to keep the country updated.

My heart breaks for the families affected, and my prayers go out to all those who are in mourning over such a tragedy.


2 thoughts on “La Loche Saskatchewan

    • I can absolutely relate. Although not a parent, as a teacher, the connection with students is just as real, as is my concern for their well-being. I just don’t understand things like this, and hope that I will always feel this outrage and utter sadness when they happen.


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