300 Thursday: 18 Minutes

Is 18 minutes all it takes to miss a huge event? 

7:54 am: wake up! sun shining in the windows, illuminating the buildings outside. Beautiful blue sky with no clouds in sight!

7:56 am: laptop booting up, kettle filled and turned on for coffee.

8:02 am: getting comfy on the bed, breakfast on the right, coffee on the floor to the left, email opened to begin the day. Look up: plumes of black smoke fill the window


8:03 am: standing at window looking out. black smoke fills the air half a block away. Flames reflected in car windows, no one stopping, cars still driving by


8:05 am: back on the bed, hear the fire sirens approaching

8:07am: back at the window, a few pedestrians have stopped to stare, traffic still driving through the area. Fire trucks set up, firemen rushing around the scene as they start to work.

8:10 am: smoke has changed from black to white, not as dense, spreading out on the wind a little more, the flames reflected in car windows have all but disappeared

8:12 am: smoke has dissipated, the air is clear again. Pedestrians all but cleared out. The only sign of tragedy left is the now ice covered road.


Walking to work yesterday I was able to view the scene of the fire. It was at the parking structure for the fitness centre where I work. Two vehicles had caught fire. In the second picture, the van where the flames are reflecting is one of the fitness centre vans. Another fitness centre van was one of the vehicles that caught fire. Thankfully, only 2 vehicles were damaged and a banner. They were in the middle of a line of vans, on the edge of the parking lot for the rest of the vehicles, and in a residential area.


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