Well good morning….

The highlight of this morning, being only 9:04am?


Turn on the tap to fill my kettle for coffee, and just dribble, drip, NOTHING. Go to the bathroom, it survived about 1.5 minutes at a nice slow dribble before completely going silent.

What the crap?! I hope it’s just frozen pipes – I really do! Which apparently is normal in South Korea.

When I lived in Osan, I came home from work late one night and had no water. I quickly went to my neighbour (I had no phone) who was a teacher at the same school and he called over to the school. The assistant came and thankfully he was able to get the water running again. BUT I had to leave it dripping for the ENTIRE winter after that point. Just the kitchen sink, and just enough to keep the water running. So it literally dripped all winter. The faucet was one with a removable nozzle so I just laid it on the bottom of the sink and then I didn’t have to hear it drip.

In Osan, I was in an apartment building. 2nd floor – but under my apartment was an open-area parking lot. I assumed that since the air had direct access to the pipes that’s why they froze. But there was a pipe system in the hallway – if your pipes froze, they just reroute the water from your neighbours apartment to your apartment.

So just got off the phone with my director. He thinks the problem is the weather as well. Since our school is in a fitness centre, he said I could go to the gym and tell them I work for the school on the 3rd floor and then just use their facilities. Since I’m an evening showerer I will be ok in that regard for this morning but still man! I had enough water in my water bottle and kettle to have coffee this morning and brush my teeth. The director is calling my landlord but he has to go to the hogwan first to get his phone number.

What I don’t understand is that my heating comes from water in pipes. So the water in the pipes is fine (since I was able to heat up my house this morning after I woke up) but the water to my appliances is not….probably two separate sets of pipes….

I should have known! My 2.5 minute walk home last night, when I got home I was wheezing from the cold air hitting my lungs. It took me at least 30 minutes to get normal breathing back. OMG IT WAS COLD!!! I should have left my water running, but I wasn’t thinking. I’m on the 3rd floor this time with actual rooms underneath mine. A taekwondo hogwan to be exact.

Hope this gets fixed ASAP!

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