The Water Saga Continues

Who knew I would have so much to say about water? 

Got to work this afternoon and thanked the director for calling about my pipes. He said the landlord confirmed it was just frozen pipes so that’s good. I asked if there was anything I could do to keep it from happening again. And he said to keep the taps running.

I had to do that in Osan all winter and it didn’t really increase my water bill too much, but still I find it a waste of water to just have it running all the time. Yet I have to have water so I have to have it running.

I put my cute little earmuffs back on and walked as fast as my frozen legs would carry me back to my apartment! Turned on my kitchen tap just a tiny bit and went back to work. The whole trip took less than 10 minutes, but it was a COLD 10 minutes!

The director and his wife were kind of pushing an idea on me though. To just use the facilities at the fitness centre. Since I work at the school I have access to it all for free and I could just use the facilities there. Apparently the facilities are really nice. But do they seriously expect me to go to the fitness centre every time I want to shower or use the bathroom?! If I let my pipes freeze over, I’d have no running water at all in my apartment until the weather gets warmer. No taps, no shower, no bathroom, no laundry. I wouldn’t even be able to brush my teeth!!

I arrived home later than normal today. I was told I would have an extra student in my adult class tonight but it was two extras and they started at 7. I’m usually done at 7 so I had to teach until 8. When I got home, the kitchen tap had no water running out of it! I’m not sure if that’s just because it was set to cold water or if I didn’t have it running enough.

Now I am paranoid about it. I had a nice shower when I got home (before inhaling some burger king an hour after I was expecting to eat) and now I have the kitchen sink all set up for the night. But I keep checking it, to make sure it’s still running. I want it to be open as little as possible so I’m not wasting more water than I have to. I also have it set to hot instead of cold. Hopefully the water heater will keep the pipes warm enough. It’s not as cold tonight as it was last night though. Only -17 with the windchill instead of -22. Just have get used to having the sound in the background.

So hopefully I will still have water in the morning! *fingers crossed!*


2 thoughts on “The Water Saga Continues

    • Last night was! kept waking myself up and straining to hear if the water was running lol. I will definitely be needing a very LARGE coffee before today. Thankfully it’s one of the nights I get to leave at 730 instead of 8 lol

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