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The Automatic Follow Back: I’ve come across this concept the last few days in my exploration of blogs, and I guess it’s just confused me a little bit. 

I was reading a blog over the weekend, I forget which one exactly (I try to catch a few new ones every few days just to see what’s out there), and it was posting tips on how to increase your readership. Now I know that for some people, their blog is their way of life. Sometimes their source of income as well, so readership is very important. One of the tips that this person was blogging about was the an automatic follow back.

For someone who blogs for the pure joy of it, and for the therapeutic release I get from focusing my thoughts and ideas, I find this a little bit strange. I love to blog and over the last few months it has given me clarity and peace of mind. When I find a blog that I enjoy reading, and that the author has hooked me in with their words, I will most definitely follow them.

In pushing that button in the corner of the page, in no way am I expecting a follow back. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those who follow my blog. It’s more successful with 54 followers than I ever expected it to me! 1 follower was a shock and with each additional follower, my shock has yet to decrease. I am so humbled that people enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoy writing them. I think of the blogs that I follow and how much I look forward to seeing new posts from them and only hope that someone out there has the same feeling about my posts. And from those who have stuck around, I like to think that the feeling is there! 🙂

But this concept of an automatic follow back is a bit bizarre. Just because I like what you are writing about does not mean that you will like what I am writing about, and vice versa. Not only that, what about time? I like to spend my mornings checking my blog, reading the posts in my reader, and writing my own post. Sometimes I find it a little overwhelming just with the people I already follow. I can’t imagine for those people who follow like 100 different blogs! Who has the time?! I’d have to stay in all day, every day just to keep up. And then I’d feel like I’m doing you a disservice since I would probably be rushing through your post just to move onto the next one.

I don’t know – maybe I’m being a little silly here. How about you? What do you think about the concept of an “automatic follow back”?

15 thoughts on “Follow Back

  1. I agree with you. I used to do the follow-back thing and I ended up with a clutterd reader and inbox. And honestly, I only read couple of those blogs. I don’t do follow-back anymore. Instead, I follow blogs that honestly interest me, I read their posts, and I try to engage with them as much as I can. I think this is a lot more beneficial for me and for them!


  2. It seems to be some kind of “blog etiquette” around here to follow a follower. I do it most of the time, but not always…for example, I generally don’t follow blogs that give advice on what makeup and lipstick to use. And I don’t necessarily read them all everyday, just posts that pique my interest. It’s all good, though, to each his/her own!

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    • Definitely! As I’ve started to get busier in my new life, it has been harder to keep up with reading those who I follow. The little snip-it in the reader is a great way to determine if I will spend the time reading the post.

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  3. I tend to follow back most who follow me… But the reader does get so cumbersome and I never feel like I’m caught up.

    I would love to only follow the blogs I truly enjoy reading regularly (and do read regularly), but I want readers… followers… If I don’t follow back, I suspect I’ll lose followers. Of course have no idea how many of my followers actually read my blog!

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      • Yeah, I don’t agree with that but I’m sure it happens. I am not outgoing… Not an initiator. I had followers before I followed anyone. Honestly, I may be a complete idiot, but I never thought about reading other blogs when I decided to start one. I came here to write… Hopefully get feedback… Maybe meet some cool people. But soon enough, it became clear to me that if I want anyone to read my blog, like my posts, and especially comment on anything I wrote, I have to go to their blog and do all of those things. That is so hard for me!

        When someone posts something I have thoughts on (like this post of yours), I jump in and comment. But to struggle to comment just to comment with really nothing to say? That seems crazy to me. Yet whenever I ask for advice on getting more followers… or followers who comment/interact… everyone tells me to read more blogs and leave more comments. It’s not natural for me to find something to say to every random thing I read! How is that natural for anyone??

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        • I had the same first plan for my blog. Didn’t even know that this type of community existed so I was surprised but I do love it! I find it hard to post on others blogs as well. A few times I’ve typed out a whole reply and deleted it before posting lol. But I’m glad you comment on mine! 🙂 I enjoy reading all my comments!

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  4. For the most part, I followed those that followed me after clicking their links and visiting their pages. However, I am learning to discern who I follow because some people’s posts don’t appeal to me. I read between 100-125 posts a day. More when it has been a 3 day weekend. LOL. But, I don’t get offended if people don’t follow me. Personal choice.

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  5. Yeah this very. Sometimes you have to wonder about the followers and whether they actually read your work or don’t. That’s sad, if your someone who just blogs for fun.


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