Bras, brassieres, boulder holders…

So before I start this post, I’m just going to make 3 super quick disclaimers! All above the “read more” line just to give you some options in life.

  1. Yes, this post is going to be ALL about bras. I’m a woman, it’s part of my life.
  2. I have not been approached by any of the companies mentioned to high light their products, or write mean things about their competition
  3. I do not own any of the pictures, none of the pictures will be of me. The pictures in this post have come from La Senza

Proceed at your own discretion 🙂 

To start off with, I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy with my boobs. Like they aren’t huge or tiny, kind of just nice. I do notice though that when I loose weight, they are affected which makes me sad! Do I keep my nice boobs or do I loose weight and be healthier? It really is a toss up….

Buying bras is literally one of the easiest shopping experiences that I have. Once I found a brand that I like (La Senza) I just go into the store, pick whatever colour I want, pay, and then leave. It takes me like 10 minutes. It’s AMAZING. But it took me quite a few years to be able to do that.

When I started I was confined to places my mother would buy bras. Of course, for a 14 year old girl, those bras are NOT cute, and would not work for me. My mom has her own idea of what is comfortable and what is acceptable. One of my first jobs was at Zellers (the Canadian version of Target). I worked as “customer service”. My job was literally to walk around the store and help customers. I would put returns away, cover breaks in different departments etc. During slow times, I would shop. I found some cute bras that way, but since I was young and didn’t know how to tell my size, they were very uncomfortable.

I eventually found a few styles I liked which were in the price range of a working 16 year old girl. Not high class by any means! And like bras are EXPENSIVE! REALLY EXPENSIVE. At least the good quality ones are.

One day while I was shopping with a friend, I was maybe 18 or so, she took me to her favourite place – Le Vie En Rose. We walked in and did our thing. I found some styles that I liked, and tried a few on. Now for those people reading who have never had the joy of trying on bras: it seriously sucks. You have to take off ALL your clothes on the top half of your body, adjust straps, put it on, adjust straps again, adjust here, adjust there. Depending on the bra, sometimes I have to put my shirt back on just to see how it lays underneath. THEN do it all again in reverse! GAHH the work!

Well in Le Vie En Rose that day, there was a sale. So I tried on a few bras, found a style that I liked and went back to get different colours. Since I had already tried on the style, I didn’t try on any of the other bras I picked up – same size, same brand/style number, they should fit the same right? NOPE! I got home and went to wear one of the bras and the band length was 4 inches shorter than the other one I bought (I measured it). And I repeat: they were the SAME size, SAME style number. So I went to return them (I hate returning things!!). What was worse is that with the purchase, one of the bras came with matching panties, and even though they were still wrapped by the store, tags still on, in the bottom of the bag – I couldn’t return them and had to pay for the panties after returning the bras. Never shopped there again!

My favourite place to buy bras is La Senza. Over the years and through trial and error, I always go back to La Senza. I LOVE La Senza. I have never had any problems with them. I’ve been getting the same style for the last 5 years at least from them. I love their cotton bras. So comfy and come in the CUTEST colours! I can get some with crazy designs and colours, and then normal ones for clothes that are just a tiny bit see through.


Best thing of all, they are relatively inexpensive. If you plan right, you can get like 2 for $40 or something at the store or online.

Over the last few months though, they haven’t really been doing it for me. I’ve put on a little weight (4 months of unemployment just sitting in bed watching Netflix will do that to a girl) and found that they didn’t fit as well as I would have liked. I started doing a little research into bra sizes. Now I’m what I would call a perfect Bcup. At least, that’s what I thought! I used to wear B38 and the band was just too tight on me. But after searching, there doesn’t seem to be a B40 that exists. Feeling discouraged, I knew if I went up to a C, that the cup size would be too big. Then I came across this concept of “sister sizes”. A sister size in bras is a different size number, but it will fit the same. For example: I needed a B40, so on the chart you look at it and beside it says C38.

So I go into the store and we try B38 bras just with extenders on the end, and then I was talking to the store clerk explaining the sister size idea. Now she was the SWEETEST thing ever! From the Kitchener, Ontario store. I showed her my problem with the band (rolls and fat pudging out) and then she suggested going into the sister size. We got a C38 but I told her my concern about the cup being too big. Then she gave me this one bra, it’s like SUPER padded around the wire so you can’t feel it, and it kind of acts like a mini-pushup! I tried it on, and it was literally the most comfortable bra I have ever worn.

It’s called a “Body Kiss” – Not only are the colours and styles adorable, but like seriously, SO COMFORTABLE! It is like a little kiss for my body (and my boobs!). I’m not sure how it worked out, but in the store it’s $40 FOR ONE! So much money. But 2 were $50. I obviously got 2 of them, and when I return to Canada over summer holidays I will definitely be getting more! I can not believe that I had to wait 28 years to find this little piece of heaven. Like I can’t even describe it – a bra has never fit so well (maybe my fault for not buying the right size), nor made my boobs look so cute. Yeah, I said it! CUTE BOOBS! It’s important!

Whoever invented it needs to have a reward of some sort. Just in case they haven’t received one yet, have this royalty free image of an award that I found on google. Don’t be so modest! You deserve it 🙂


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