A Better Day

Today is a much better day! Before I tell you why, things got a little bit worse after I posted yesterday. 

I tried to set up a new cell phone after I left Starbucks. I went to this new place which just opened across the street. The sign out front said, “phone, tv, internet” so I thought that would be a great place to start since my work told me to bundle internet and my cell phone together. So I go in and start filling out these papers and the guy asks for my cell phone. I said “opsey-oh” (my phonetic way of spelling the Korean word for not there, or I don’t have). So he starts getting flustered since he doesn’t know English and I’m frustrated since I don’t know Korean and I wish that someone had come with me. So we reach a place where I said “ken chen na” (it’s ok) and said in very broken English that I would come back with a Korean from work.

Leaving the store I had to stand at the traffic light and wait for the cross sign (hint: never cross a street without the light changing!! NEVER!) And then I remembered, the first week I was here, the boss’s wife took me to a store that said they could give me a new sim card. I was standing right in front of it! So I went in. 30 minutes later I walked out with my Canadian phone all hooked up!! SCORE! My notification sound is a minion laugh, it just brings me so much joy!!

Then I head on over to the supermarket. The one I use is called HomePlus. Well there is like a company card with HomePlus, and now that I had my alien card and my phone, I could set one up. So I did!! Now I get discounts on certain items when I shop. I just give them the card when I check out and off it comes! WOOHOO!

Get home, start making lunch and I’m peeling a small bit of carrot to put into a salad. I’m holding it weird and the peeler slips and catches my finger nail. At first I was like OMG OMG OMG!!!! I look down and half my nail is ripped! Thankfully it didn’t get down to the skin and was just the grown out nail part so I have one nail which is shorter than all the rest. I’m not filing the rest down! That one nail can feel it’s shame until it grows out and I reshape it.

Fast forward to this morning, I am heading out to get some coffee and I go to put on my winter coat. My coat is SUPER cute, it’s a nice charcoal colour with dark forest green and grey plaid all over it. It buttons up the front, had a cut little pop collar and a belt around the waist. It was originally $200 and I got it for $80!! The reason: all the buttons had to be taken off and sewn back on. No biggie, took me 2 hours one afternoon. This is the 5th winter I’ve been wearing it. Well I go to put it on and the buckle on the belt SNAPS!! So I had to take it off, but again, no biggie.

Now up to this point I see that as 2 good things, and 2 bad things. So the tipping point:

*drum roll please!!!*


I am sitting in my bed typing this. OOOOOO goodness I am so happy! They came this morning and hooked me up! And, even with my unlimited calls and text in Korea, plus a small data package of only 300mb, and my monthly internet bill – I’m still paying less than buying a tall brewed coffee in Starbucks 6 days a week. Plus I get the added bonus of staying in my pj’s for a few more hours every day mwahahaha.

Such a better day today!!!


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