Our House

If you are prone to ear-worms, I suggest NOT listening to the song above. I didn’t even listen to it and it’s already playing in my head. Thankfully I have old school N*sync to block it out. I seriously think this is one of the most annoying songs I have ever heard. But I share it for my topic today!

I don’t really have a house, but I do have an apartment here in Incheon. I didn’t get to pick my apartment, and it’s just a one room type deal. There is a separate room for a bathroom but it is about 4 feet by 3 feet, and the shower is not enclosed. You literally just soak the entire bathroom floor when you take a shower. But this is normal for “single apartments”.

I do have an almost new washing machine which is awesome! When I lived in Osan, I had this old washer which was SO loud, and there was a piece of metal sticking out in the barrel which kind of destroyed a lot of my clothes. This washer isn’t the kind that doubles as a dryer as well, but I have a stand to hang my clothes on.

For my kitchen, I had a decent sized fridge for just me. And this time I actually have a microwave! YAY! Which is rare as well. There is no oven which is one thing I miss so much. I will definitely be getting a toaster oven in the very near future. There is just something so comforting about food from an oven.

My bed this time around is a sad sad thing. It’s a piece of wood laid over supports. On top of the wood there is a 4 inch piece of foam. One that looks like it should be on a pool side chair? It is in 3 different sections, so you can take the foam out, and fold it up into a stack.

The one thing that I just LOVE about my apartment is the window. It’s this HUGE window that covers an entire wall. There are blinds on it that I can pull down, but it doesn’t really block out the light of the city below. I am used to sleeping with a sleep mask so no biggie there. The best part about this window is the view. Not of the surrounding buildings or area, that’s kind of boring. But in the changing of the light.

When I look out my window, I can see the fitness centre that is attached to my work. It has a 5 story high driving range, and that is what I look at most of the time out the window. But in the morning, I don’t need a clock to tell me what time it is – I can tell just by how much of that structure I can see. If I can see nothing, it’s before 6:30. After 7 the rays of light start to break out from behind it. By 7:30 I can clearly see it’s outline without my glasses on. It’s the perfect wake up call – having the morning sun shining into the window. The sun is not directly in front of my window, more off to the side which is perfect. As I eat breakfast, sitting on my crap bed, I see the sky slowly changing colours. Right in the middle there is that slow blend from orange to blue. By the time I am ready to leave at 9 for the coffee shop, the sky is a vibrant blue and my room is so bright I don’t need any lights on.

At night, it’s the opposite. If I’m at work, I miss this, but on the weekends I slowly watch the sky turn into a velvety purple and then into black. Slowly the moon peeks out from behind the buildings, arching it’s way up the sky. It is honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen – and I get to experience it every weekend. It is honestly the best.


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