Courtship Over My Cookies

A very eloquently written piece!

A Thomas Point of View

I read this post entitled “How Waiting for Sex is Worth the Wait” last month. The post gave suggestions about how long women should before having sex. It wasn’t designed to be definitive but I felt that it was missing one major guideline. Here are some of the suggestions:

It is different for everyone, some guidelines are:

  • When he has said he loves you
  • When you feel 100% sure he will want to still contact you
  • When he asked you to be exclusive
  • When you have met his friends and family
  • When you have been dating him at least 6 weeks

Did you notice that something was missing in the guidelines? How long you should wait before having sex? How about until you are married? Wait for marriage before having sex.

Why? Because we should ladies. So many of us are discounting ourselves with men who don’t recognize our full value…

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2 thoughts on “Courtship Over My Cookies

  1. For some reason my computer won’t let me go to teh full post but I can tell you from experience there are some men I wish I could un-have-sex with. It is hard for me to determine who the users are and who was genuine. Guess who the genuine one was? My current boyfriend who I always want to be with. You got to do what is best for you. Sex is not the answer to loneliness. That was something I had to work through in the immediate months after leaving my abusive ex. Thanks! Now I have an idea for another post! See you couldn’t retire from life to the bookstore 🙂

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