300 Thursday: Twitter

I realized after posting that MONSTROUS post about hockey, that it’s Thursday!! I will forgive myself for the lapse in judgement today, but now will post under 300 words! I promise!

So today instead of a post, I have really a general question: Do you use twitter to promote your blog?

This is something that I have been considering since the connection with Keeno Lee. Apparently my post was tweeted by a follower and that’s how he came about it.

So now I’m a little stuck on the idea.

Should I start a twitter account for my blog? I hardly know how to use twitter, I’ve never really gotten into it. But it seems like a good idea to get myself “out there”. Sometimes I do find myself thinking of blogging something but it really is more in the form of a tweet instead of a post and think that it wouldn’t be worth the post. I see other blogs with their twitter feed on the side as well.

But on the other hand, I kind of do like my little slice of wordpress life I have going here, with my regular followers and those blogs that I personally follow. It’s a nice little bubble.

So I shall leave the issue open and await your guidance and feedback – Oh wise and giving wordpress community!

9 thoughts on “300 Thursday: Twitter

  1. I have a twitter account for my blog. I’m ask linked up so my posts are automatically tweeted. But… I have yet to write actual separate tweets… which I should do, I think. What you said about little thoughts that don’t seem quite up to being a blog post… I think treating those makes sense. But… I have less than 20 twitter followers last time I checked. Nearly no one who reads my blog would ever see those tweets! Although I suppose I could link a twitter feed as a widget…

    I have no idea if any if this helps you… It’s not exactly guidance! But I thought I’d share anyway. 🙂

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    • It is great guidance Sandra! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I like the idea of having a twitter widget. I might actually take the time to set it up 🙂 even if it just automatically shares my posts, then at least it’s getting them out there ya know?

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  2. Yep, I’ve gained a lot more followers this year because I retweet great pieces that I’ve read. I’ve gained 50% more followers in 2015 because I started to publish more and retweet great reads. Try it

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  3. i had a twitter account before starting my blog and so set up the widget and my posts are automaticatically tweeted. i’ve also found blogs that i enjoy through twitter especially as there are accounts that are always sharing different blogs. plus there is the sunday blog share so its really just an extension of your wordpress community. and its great for ideas for new posts too

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