Let’s have a serious chat

I don’t really like to classify myself too much into certain boxes. There are boxes that I absolutely fit into like “female” and “Caucasian”. But most of the other boxes I like to just kind of push aside and let them be. I may be wrong, but I think it’s healthy in a way to just let our personalities be free ya know? I don’t want to label myself as something and then be seen only that way by others.

However, there is one label that I will put on myself proudly, and without fear:

I am a giggler.

Yes, you read that right – I am a giggler! I giggle at everything. I love to giggle! Not laugh, I think I kind of have a sort of horse laugh, but giggling’s where it’s at! And who doesn’t feel good after a giggle?!

Clipart Of A Happy Blond Girl Kneeling And Laughing Royalty Free Vector Illustration

I don’t just giggle when things are funny. If I’m uncomfortable in a situation, I will probably giggle. I think you’re cute, giggles. I’m angry at you but don’t want to show it – giggles. I’m sad – fake giggles. Can’t understand your Korean sentence, giggles. Plotting to kill you in the middle of the night, giggles. Writing a ridiculous post about giggles for my blog? GIGGLES!

The best thing about giggling is that, if you’re not feeling it, it’s really easy to fake! A good hearty laugh I cannot fake! But a cute little giggle no prob bob!

Apparently I have a few different giggles.  I was working with some teenagers and they tried to pin-point different ones. I have an “evil giggle” – as if giggles are even allowed to be evil! If you’re that guy from my home town, who I am still crushing on, and who everyone thought we were dating – I have a special giggle just for him and his stories. Although it probably gets transferred to whomever I am crushing on….but right now it’s reserved for him. I have a giggle that I use when I’m telling an old story, and one for when I’m half listening to a story. I think my favourite is that one I turn on when I’m working in retail, my retail laugh is actually split into two though, “my happy to see you, yes let’s talk” giggle and the “omg I hate you so much but would get fired if I made a scene” giggle.

Now that I’ve come to the end of this, the word giggle looks wrong. I know it’s spelled properly but it looks wrong. So let’s just have a little giggle over that shall we?

Clipart Of A Cartoon White Stick Girl Laughing And Holding Her Belly Royalty Free Vector Illustration


6 thoughts on “Let’s have a serious chat

  1. Love this post! I’m not sure I have a giggle. Maybe I need to practice. [I should probably do that when no one else is home…] But I do have a very sincere hearty laugh that I am told makes everyone around me laugh and feel happy, too. I find that endearing and lovely especially since one of the labels that’s been plastered on me is “depressed” and I don’t like labels either. Especially that one! It’s an illness, not a personality trait! You sure wouldn’t go around calling someone “asthma”! [Insert giggle here.]

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