300 Thursday: Riding the Subway

Riding the subway is pretty cool. I like to stand on the subway. It helps me work on my balance, and I can usually stand near a door and keep an eye on the maps posted there.

I am always offered a seat when I’m on the subway – usually by older Koreans. I have a pretty large butt so I don’t like to sit down between two people. If there are two empty seats, I’ll sit down and have no problem with someone taking the other one, but I find it awkward to be the person squishing into the gap.

There are two types of seats: nice fuzzy cloth seats, and then ones which are just metal. The metal ones make you feel like you need those bathtub adhesive rubber duckies on your bum just to stay in place!

The other thing I like about riding the subway, would be interacting with other people. Like smiling at little Korean babies, or, like yesterday, having a Korean who knows English come up and talk to you. You can see them a mile away! This guy actually had an English newspaper. He came close, took out his headphones, sat across from me, saw a seat open beside me, gathered up his courage and asked to sit there. He’s Korean but currently lives in Japan. We had a nice like 3 minute conversation and then it was his stop and he got off.

Sometimes I like to ride without listening to music. It makes you more approachable and you get to have those connections with people. Yesterday, I wasn’t planning on doing it, but my ipod died 10 minutes into my hour and a half ride home. A friend actually met her boyfriend that way!

Lesson learned: don’t be afraid of the subway!

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