Morgan and Garcia

Do you watch Criminal Minds? It’s kind of obvious from some of my older posts that it is one of my favourite shows to watch. I love the drama behind it, and I love the characters. Not only are the men pretty to look at, but the women are strong independent women that I aspire to be like. In addition, the relationships formed between the main characters draw me in. I feel like I know them, and that we could be friends if they existed in real life. I have always kind of related to Penelope Garcia, we have the same quirky personality, and the same love for Derek Morgan!

I once saw this picture

and boy do I agree!! This post is going to kind of be a cop-out, featuring mostly clips of Derek and Penelope sharing these precious moments, just to illustrate my point.

Before we get into all that though, I do have to just say one thing. As a strong, independent, stubborn, opinionated woman, I do kind of hate it when men call me “baby”. I don’t really know when it started to set my teeth on edge, but it totally does. The same thing does for “sweety” or “darlin’” if it’s said in a certain tone. And Lord help the man who says “that’s a good girl” to me when I do something! I used to work at a Tim Hortons in a small town, and the sweet old men would say that to me and it took every ounce of restraint not to slap them across the face. Yes I know I am sweeping the floor, or clearing dishes but….ooooooo…….*shakes fist*

So without further ado, here are some of their best lines!

I have totally had this reaction to abs before

And by far, my most favourite line ever:

If anyone says that I am their “God given solace” I’m pretty sure I would melt into a puddle.


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