So I checked my email this morning and I received heartbreaking news…

Season 4 of Bluestone 42 has been cancelled.

If you remember from about a month or so ago, I wrote this post asking for answers on the ending of Season 3, and even though I have them now, I am not happy!!


BBC, you are SO cruel…….


4 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. Hey there
    We were heartbroken to discover that there wasn’t going to be a season 4. But it makes sense considering that the British have withdrawn from Afghanistan completely. The series producers and writers, in fact the production as a whole, had always considered being as authentic as possible of paramount importance.
    We couldn’t very well pretend that there were British soldiers in theatre, it would negate all of the effort we had made towards being authentic.
    Some of the story lines have been left open-ended, allowing for future specials, but no word as yet.
    My character would only reappear if they returned to the Helmand province…as he was their interpreter…
    Hope this answers some questions…

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