A Korean Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! 

It’s Christmas Eve here in Korea already, but it feels like November. It’s 2 degrees and kinda hazy.

Christmas isn’t a big thing here. I have to work today, but the school is closed tomorrow. We are making Christmas cards at school today though, and yesterday. Yesterday the Korean teacher did the cards so I had to come up with an activity last minute for my classes. 5 classes, each 45 minutes long and each with different levels of English abilities.

At first, I wanted to watch the Grinch. The original Grinch, from 1966. It’s only 30 minutes and you don’t really need to have a lot of English to understand it. I played it for my first class and it didn’t go over as well as I had assumed that it would. They had never heard of the story before, so it was harder to understand. I knew I was going to have about 15 minutes left so before class started, I cued up a Donald Duck video on youtube as well. It was a HIT! It was also part of an hour long compilation so for the next 4 classes, I just played that instead. They LOVED IT! And I got to see my favourite Donald Duck winter video five times haha. During most of the classes I worked on planning out my final tests that I have to create (surprise to me! Due on Monday too!!) But during my last class, I sat in the back and watched for the whole time. I love old school disney! Each movie was only like 7 minutes long, and easy for them to understand without Korean subtitles to distract them.

Here it is so you can enjoy it as well!

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