Truth or Dare

Hey Everyone,

I know, I know – I’ve posted a lot today. But this is the last time! Promise 🙂 hehe.

So I’m trying an experiment: I saw a prompt yesterday for the topic Truth or Dare. What I am proposing in this:

At the end of January, I will make a Truth or Dare post. In this post I will answer your “Truth” questions, or post responses to your “Dares”.

As long as it’s respectful to me and other people, I will answer whatever you post. Send me a comment using the form below and I will make sure to link you in the final post so you can see the results.

Dares obviously should be something I can show online – like I dare you do follow 5 new blogs that follow the tag “imcrazy” or something like that.

I’ve added a page so you can offer as many suggestions as you want to. If the response is good, then I’ll be posting it at the end of January!

Hit me with some ideas!! 🙂


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