Korea has magical powers

For most of my life, I have been a fat and FABulous girl, although it took me a while to acknowledge the FABulous part. I’ve never really been too consumed with how much I weigh, my mom has been more of an advocate of loosing weight than I ever have. But then I move to Korea.

The last time I was here, when I got home I had lost 25lbs! TWENTY FIVE! Dude I was super proud of myself! Although, I accredit that to me not eating for about 6 months. I was sick and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. But the sickness caused me to feel nauseous all the dang time. The more time that passed, the less I felt like eating. The more that I didn’t eat, the more sick I felt. Since I was feeling sick, I wasn’t eat. You get the idea.

While I was at the immigration office the other day, I took a glance at my medical report. When I picked it up, I was instructed NOT to open any of the copies. But at Immigration they opened it and added it to my file. And I noticed that I had lost about 4lbs since the last time I checked in Canada! WHAT?!

Then I realized what had happened. In Korea, there isn’t a lot of options for pre-made food. Yes a few dumpling options or whatever, but pre-made food is very scarce. I did see “Ristorante” pizza at the super market by my house! WHOA! But I don’t have an oven. And honestly, it’s cheaper for me to go to a pizza place and get a large pizza. Not even to mention it will make 2-3 meals for me.

Then of course there is all the single serve packaging. I picked up a package of saltine crackers (soda crackers) and inside they are all packaged into 4 cracker servings. It’s adorable! The Korean version of Ritz? They come in a box that says 6 servings. Inside, 6 little sleeves of crackers.

You want some oreos? Korea has LOTS of flavours. I’m more of a standard flavour type of girl. I don’t need strawberry or peanut butter or anything. So you buy a box, and inside there are 15 individual packages – each with 2 cookies. So you grab one, with your hot chocolate and think “If I want more, I’ll just get up and get another package”. But first you have to OPEN the package – which has obviously been cursed by Lucifer himself.

Then of course, the bed. In my apartment I have a bed, a fridge and a microwave. Legit THAT’S IT. There is a shelving unit built into the wall, but no where to sit other than the bed. The “bed” is a 3 inch foam piece on a wooden frame which makes so much noise when you try to move. So if I consider getting up to get that second cursed Oreo package, I’m like…umm maybe I can do without it? Especially if it’s late at night. Don’t want to disrupt the guy living next to me. Although I hear all his noises through the walls….

Add all that up together and it means I’m losing weight! The hogwan I work at is in a Sport Centre, and I apparently get free use of all the equipment. Maybe next week when I’m on holiday, I will get my self set up there. I’d love to take a yoga class or something, even if I’d have to pay for a class.

Bring on your magic Korea. Although, I’d prefer NOT to have to go through the same sickness as last time. Can we agree on that? Cos that would be GREAT


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